Global Water Resource Center

Water is our most critical natural resource—yet the earth’s water is under multiple complex threats. With an increasing demand for safe, clean water, and a growing need for sustainable policies and practices, the world’s water is a crucial topic.


Connect with WPI on Water

Given your mission and goals, how might we add value with our deep research expertise in the area of water technology and policy? WPI aims to be a leader among solution-seekers or government policy makers or international funders--- partner with us.

The experts in WPI’s Water Resource Center are in an ideal position to tackle increasing water challenges. Our interdisciplinary team brings together faculty and students from science, engineering, environmental studies, business, and policy studies to explore and solve problems in water contamination and sustainability.

Our researchers study water from source to point of use as they develop improved methods of detecting hazardous contaminants, assessing their risks, removing them, and degrading them using advanced oxidation techniques. We’re conducting complementary research into the social and environmental factors that prevent water contamination and improve sustainability. Current efforts include projects exploring water quality and management in developing countries, utilizing zeolites for risk remediation, and spearheading water sustainability initiatives on campus, in local cities and towns, and abroad.

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