Mathematical Sciences

Mathematicians and statisticians analyze data and apply mathematical and statistical techniques to help solve problems. Many mathematicians and statisticians work in the federal government and in private science and engineering research companies. They may work on teams with engineers, scientists, and other professionals.

Sample Companies that have Hired WPI Mathematical Sciences Graduates

MITRE Corporation
Profit Isle
The Hartford
Bridgewater Associates

Sample Graduate Schools

Leeds University
Renssalaer Polytechnic Institute
Stevens Institute of Technology
University of San Francisco
University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
Average Starting Salary:
$68,750 (2020)
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Sample Job Titles:
Systems Engineer
Mechanical Engineer
Software Engineer
Process Analyst
Quality Engineer
Sample Major Qualifying Projects:
Creating an Online Resource for Actuarial Students at WPI
Nanoionic Particle Composite Homogenization
Formal Verification of Boolean Unification Algorithms with Coq
Design of a Multi-Layer System
Dimensions of Matrix Subalgebras
Macroeconomic Forecasting: A Study of Profits

Program Tracking Sheets

The Program Tracking Sheets help WPI students to plan and track progress toward their degree. Academic Advising has created tracking sheets for each major and graduation year.

Career Outcomes & Salary Data

The Career Development Center (CDC) has compiled a list of resources to help you learn about salary expectations and companies that have hired recent graduates, including the Post-Graduation Report for WPI's most recent graduating class.