What can you do with an undergraduate degree in Mathematical Sciences from WPI?

Picture a career as a cryptographer designing systems to protect sensitive data, an animator bringing the next great film to the big screen, or an operations analyst helping organizations run more efficiently.

WPI’s hands-on, project-oriented program will give you the expert knowledge and practical experience needed to excel in both academia and industry. You’ll master mathematical theory and put your skills and knowledge to use to solve real problems in the world around you. You’ll also benefit from our strong connections to industry and highly flexible plans of study.



Our program prepares all students to become creative problem solvers who make an impact, but exactly how you get there is up to you. You may select from a wide range of courses in pure mathematics, applied mathematics, and statistics and will develop depth across these areas:

  • Algebraic & discrete mathematics
  • Computational & applied analysis
  • Operations research
  • Probability & statistics

You’ll complement your studies with courses in computer science, the natural sciences, engineering, and business. No matter what path you choose, you will have many chances to apply your knowledge to solve meaningful problems through hands-on projects.

BS/MS Option:

Mathematical Sciences students admitted to the BS/MS program are able to count certain courses toward both undergraduate and graduate degrees, completing the program in approximately five years.

Project-based Learning

Project-based Learning

Projects are at the heart of the WPI curriculum. Both in and outside the classroom, students are immersed in projects that apply their growing knowledge to real-world challenges. In the process, they become better problems solvers, communicators, and leaders.

WPI’s Global Projects Program immerses students in communities as close as our home city of Worcester and at more than 40 other locations worldwide. Students work in teams with a faculty advisor and are accountable to a project sponsor on a specific problem that connects science or technology with social issues and human needs.

Mathematical sciences offers endless possibilities for innovative projects. You will work with classmates to complete course projects and undertake a final project in collaboration with an industry partner on topics such as:

  • finding optimal flight schedules for delivery drones
  • using algebraic tools for encryption and privacy preservation
  • optimizing purchasing of online ad space
  • modeling the growth of cancer cells
  • creating alternate teaching modules for middle school math
Students at a Project Center working on a mountain top

Getting Involved

Getting Involved

At WPI, students work hard but play hard too—here you can take part in more than 200 clubs and organizations, ranging from theatre ensembles to competitive sports and community service groups. You can also check out Math Hour, our active math club that holds weekly discussions and sponsors travel to national competitions.

Students organizing project tasks with sticky notes on a whiteboard

After Graduation

Graduates with degrees in Mathematical Sciences are in high demand, and the hands-on experience you gain at WPI will enable you to begin making important contributions right away, whether you continue your education or start a career in industries such as:

  • Entertainment
  • Aerospace and transportation
  • Most engineering fields