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Alexandra Wolf ’25

BS in Biomedical Engineering

Why did you choose to study at WPI? 

“The Interactive Qualifying Project was one key reason why I ended up deciding on WPI. As an engineering major in general, at other schools, it can be difficult to work into your schedule a chance to study abroad without having to take summer classes or extra classes during the school year. The fact that WPI encourages students to study abroad, and actually works it into your schedule, was a huge factor for me. I am excited to have the opportunity to not only travel but also make a difference wherever I end up going.”

How are you involved with the WPI community? 

“I’m a member of the varsity field hockey team. I love how everyone on the team has similar workloads in some sort of STEM field. We all have similar mentalities on and off the field, which is something that I think makes us stronger as a team. It really is like a second family. Being a student athlete has been a great experience and having that physical outlet from academics has been very beneficial mentally as well.

“As a Crimson Key tour guide, I can share my experiences and help show prospective students everything WPI has to offer. It has also helped me gain confidence in public speaking and connecting with people, which are skills I can apply in the future.

Society of Women Engineers has been a great environment to collaborate with other women with similar goals as well as gain valuable skills for the industry, networking, and other opportunities.

What’s your favorite thing about WPI? 

“One of my favorite things about WPI is the strong sense of community it has — in and out of the classroom. Academically, there is a lot of focus on collaboration, and I also love how the campus comes together for different events to support each other.”

Do you have a faculty or staff mentor? 

“One professor that was influential to me was Alan Vaudreuil who taught the course History of American Popular Music. This was definitely one of the most interesting classes I have taken at WPI so far and I learned a lot about how strong of an influence music had on shaping history. I really appreciate how I can still pursue my education in biomedical engineering without having to sacrifice my love for music.

How has WPI’s project-based learning influenced your education? 

Project-based learning has been one of my favorite parts of being a student at WPI. It has prepared me for my future career by providing great experiences of a collaborative working environment. I haven't taken any yet, but taking biomedical labs over the next few years will be a really great opportunity to do project work in the field I want to pursue.”

Alexandra's headshot

Clinton, CT

Faculty Mentor
  • 2021 NFHCA Division III National Academic Squad
  • Sports/lifting
  • Music
  • Photography

Campus Activities

  • Varsity field hockey
  • Crimson Key tour guide
  • Society of Women Engineers
I really appreciate how I can still pursue my education in biomedical engineering without having to sacrifice my love for music.
8 AM

Wake up, eat breakfast, pack for the day

9 AM

Depends on the day, but usually either in class, catching up on homework, or giving a tour


3 PM

Field hockey practice time and/or a game


8 PM

Homework — the library or Unity Hall are some of my usual study spots

11 PM


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