Daniel S.


Junior, BS in Computer Science
Completed Interactive Qualifying Project (IQP) at the Boston, Massachusetts Project Center.
An IQP is often called life-changing by WPI students, requiring teams to delve into a problem that matters to real people.

Danny’s interdisciplinary team focused on reevaluating and improving the climate change resiliency and chemical safety program of their sponsor, the Massachusetts Office of Technical Assistance and Technology (OTA). Through interviews, surveys, and site visits, the team presented OTA with solutions to increase the effectiveness of their program and create safer workplaces for all.


Through his IQP, Danny was able to collaborate with people he wouldn’t have met otherwise, and says the project work has given him valuable insight into what he can expect from the working world after graduation. He’s also improved his time management, organizational, and leadership skills over the course of the project.

The impact the team’s work had on the sponsor was made clear, something that meant a lot to Danny, and he believes will serve as a motivator in future ventures, both academically and professionally.

Daniel S

Norwood, MA


BS in Computer Science

Project Advisor(s)
  • Gaining a greater work ethic and learning how to work better with others, organize my thoughts, and plan out my work ahead of time.
  • Getting involved in co-curricular activities which have made me well-rounded and better prepared to consider different options after I graduate.

Working in the fields of software engineering or cybersecurity.

Typical workweek schedule

6:45 AM

Wake up and get ready for the day.

7:30 AM

Meet with the team and drive over to Union Station.

8:00 AM

Take the train into Boston.

9:30 AM

Begin work at the Boston Project Center or at our sponsor's offices.

12:00 PM

Have lunch in the city.

1:00 PM

Return to the offices and resume working.

4:20 PM

Take the train back to Worcester.

6:00 PM

Grab dinner and hang out with friends back on campus.

11:00 PM

Go to bed.

DS Photo 8 - resized.jpg

Daniel exploring Boston
Exploring Boston with teammates and the other students from the Boston Project Center

DS Photo 1 - resized.jpg

Daniel leading a meeting
Conducting a team meeting at the Boston Project Center in the Seaport District location

DS Photo 2 - resized.jpg

Daniel taking a tour of Boston
Taking a guided walking tour of Boston with all of the students from the Boston Project Center

DS Photo 3 - resized.jpg

Daniel working on a class exercise
Working on a team classroom exercise during the preparatory coursework prior to the onsite project work in Boston

DS Photo 4 - resized.jpg

Daniel on an architectural boat tour
Going on an architectural boat tour of Boston with all the students from the Boston Project Center

DS Photo 5 - resized.jpg

Participating in a team meeting with faculty advisor Seth Tuler about the project
Participating in a team meeting with faculty advisor Seth Tuler about the project

DS Photo 6 - resized.jpg

Daniel presenting a final proposal
Presenting final proposals at the conclusion of the preparatory coursework

DS Photo 7 - resized.jpg

Daniel enjoying a pizza party (without eating any pizza, I suppose?)
Enjoying a pizza party in Worcester with all the students from the Boston Project Center at the completion of the IQP
The most valuable part of IQP was definitely working as a team. I got to meet a lot of people who I probably wouldn't have met otherwise, and was able to learn a lot about working with others.