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Gabriel Espinosa ‘24

BS in Mechanical Engineering

Why did you choose to study at WPI?  

“I chose to study at WPI because of the unique opportunity to learn through a project-based teaching system. I felt that WPI would best prepare me for a hands-on career as an engineer.” 

How are you involved with the WPI community?  

“I am the president of the Green Team and technical lead for Engineers Without Borders. Both these clubs have allowed me to channel my passion for sustainability through group multi-discipline engineering projects. I really enjoy the sense of community I've found within these clubs and the opportunities they offer.” 

What’s your favorite thing about WPI?  

“The campus is very beautiful and everyone is very supportive!” 

 Do you have a faculty or staff mentor?  

“Professor Adam Powell and Professor Paul Mathisen have been some of my greatest mentors throughout my time at WPI. They have taught me countless new skills and provided me with numerous connections inside and outside of WPI.” 

 How has WPI’s project-based learning influenced your education?  

“Project-based learning at WPI has given me the opportunity to apply the skills I learn in coursework and experience real-world teamwork dynamics. Building a robot, designing a sterling engine, and configuring a home heating/cooling system has taught me to use my studies to solve tangible engineering problems.” 

Headshot of Gabe Espinosa, a Student Voice

Seattle, WA

Faculty Mentor
  • Winner of WPI’s 13th Annual Sustainability Competition 
  • Dearborn Scholar 
  • Hiking 
  • Mountain Biking 
  • Volunteering 
  • Music 
  • Art 

Campus Activities 

  • Green Team (president) 
  • Engineers Without Borders (technical lead) 
  • Robotics Engineering Department researcher 
  • Pi Tau Sigma (Mechanical Engineering Honor Society) 
  • Tau Beta Pi (Engineering Honor Society) 
I really enjoy the sense of community I've found within these clubs and the opportunities they offer.

First class of the day, currently it’s Design of Machine Elements


Go to work as a mechanical design lead at the WPI Soft Robotics lab


Lunch with friends and then work on some homework.


Weekly meeting with the Office of Sustainability’s Green Team executive committee and mentors


Attend class - I’m working on an advanced programming class 


Weekly Green Team general body meeting where we work on multiple sustainability-related campus projects


After dinner, I attend my Interactive Qualifying Project prep class to prepare for traveling to the Hong Kong Project Center next term 


Work on homework in my apartment before going to bed around 11 or 12

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