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Herbie Wolff '22

BS, Electrical & Computer Engineering (transfer)

Transferring to a new school can be a nerve-racking experience in the best of times, but doing so during a pandemic? That makes things even tougher.

What’s helped Herbie is WPI’s abundance of clubs and organizations. Attending virtual meetings and socially distant activities has allowed them to find not only new clubs and connections, but new friends—“The fact I can find clubs for just about all of my interests is really rad! When you have something dear to you as a baseline interest in common with someone else, it really helps foster important connections with people.”

In addition to involvement in clubs and other activities, Herbie is also proud of their accomplishments through project work—even while remote. “I’m very much a learn-by-doing type, and the fact that I can do that even while remote is fantastic.”

After graduation, Herbie would love to go into researching or developing cleaner energies—or at least products that run on them—with the ultimate goal of working with electric vehicles.

Headshot of Herbie Wolff.

Framingham, MA

  • Member of the German Club
  • Member of the WPI Alliance
  • Member of the Greenhouse & Horticulture Club
8:00 AM

I spend most of the morning attending classes up until lunchtime.

1:00 PM

In the afternoon before the rest of my classes resume, I like to spend some time as an “unofficial tutor” of sorts for some of my classes, something I did at prior schools and am glad to have the chance to do here too!

6:00 PM

I attend club meetings in the evening, then spend the rest of the night working on homework.

Whether it's the projects themselves or just the personalities inherent to the sort of person who would choose to go to a collaborative school, I've met so many genuinely enjoyable people at WPI and I feel like it really bolsters my learning!
So, so many of both the staff and students are approachable and love helping people, which really does make the difference when entering a new community!