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Kushal Gandhi '22

BS, Robotics Engineering & Computer Science

When Kushal joined Enactus, a student-run social entrepreneurship club, during his first year at WPI, he knew he'd found a group that matched all his interests. Knowing he wanted to someday start a tech venture, he says Enactus helped him tap into WPI’s I&E community. “All the resources act as a feeder system that will help grow a project from just an idea to the final market entry phase,” he says. “They provide support in every manner: mentorship, funding, help in running the test market, and networking.”

Through I&E’s Mentors-in-Residence program, Kushal found an advisor for ThirdEye, a project to develop a cardiac protein-detecting biosensor and algorithms to predict early heart attacks. Scott Harris ’82, a mentor-in-residence and co-founder of Solidworks, provides an invaluable partnership to Kushal’s team. “This is the beauty and potential of the I&E resources,” he says, “that a successful entrepreneur who has experience of over 35 years in founding and operating one of the leading companies in the CAD industry, is helping a student like me who is just a beginner.”

Working with his mentor, Curtis Abel, Kushal gained inspiration and learned the core business principles that he says have prepared him to achieve his goals to “operate a tech venture on a global scale one day.”

Headshot of Kushal Gandhi

Surat, GJ, India

Faculty Mentor

Curtis Abel, executive director of the Center of Innovation & Entrepreneurship

  • President of Enactus
  • Lab assistant at the Makerspace Prototyping Lab
  • I&E Student Ambassador
  • Member of Cue Club
  • I-Corps
  • Innovation & Entrepreneurship
  • Tinkerbox
  • Sandbox
  • WinterSession
  • GoatTank
  • Embark
  • TAN
  • Chat2Connect
  • Innovation Challenges
  • Enjoys playing pool and snooker
All my mentors and faculty friends at WPI, especially from the I&E department, have always taken care of me as their own, no matter what the situation has been.
These programs have helped me develop a wide network of mentors in a variety of fields who are always ready to help me out at any given time.