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Renee Gruner-Mitchell '22

BS, Mechanical Engineering

Renee is all about trying new things and getting out of her comfort zone, which makes WPI a perfect fit. WPI’s policy of no failing grades gave her the confidence she needed to take an intro to robotics class without any experience, leading to a newfound interest (and minor). The fact that she’s surrounded by students who “don’t just have goals, but are driven to actually achieve and gain from them” is her favorite part of the community and its encouraging, collaborative atmosphere.

She doesn’t just push herself in the classroom—after an initial plan to join the women’s crew team, she auditioned for Guerilla Improv (GI), and fell in love with comedy. When she had to make a choice between the two, , she says, “I chose GI because I wanted to try something new, and I have not regretted it.”

Renee G-M headshot

Barnstable, MA

  • Chi Omega
  • Guerilla Improv
  • Student Government Association
  • Cooking
  • French language and culture
  • Running

Wake up early to get breakfast before class.


Head to morning classes until lunch.


Depending on the day, I’ll go for a run or work for a few hours.


Finish up the rest of my classes in the afternoon.


End the day with rehearsals and meetings.

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