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Robbie Oleynick '24

BS, Electrical & Computer Engineering

At WPI, Robbie is pursuing his passion for music alongside his interest in electrical & computer engineering (ECE) and computer science. With the support of his faculty mentor, V.J. Manzo, he has been inspired to apply those technical skills and disciplines to an area that interests him, music technology. He has since gone on to produce virtual performances for five music ensembles at WPI (Pep Band, Concert Band, Brass Ensemble, Jazz Ensemble, Stage Band).

“I can't imagine myself doing anything similar at any other university,” he says. “Even though I wasn't directly studying music, I wasn't denied any opportunity, and felt accepted simply because I enjoy music.”

It’s those unlimited opportunities that Robbie says is his favorite thing at WPI. “The courses and projects have room for exploration and further research. The faculty have projects and research that they are more than happy to share with students. The student clubs and organizations have passionate officer boards that encourage the best out of everyone. It's genuinely hard to find yourself without something to be excited for at WPI,“ he says.  

WPI’s emphasis on project-based learning also plays an important role, particularly as Robbie looks to the future. “WPI's focus on projects in its curriculum gives me confidence that I'll succeed in a career, but what has been most helpful for me is the energy that comes from a group of students working on a project,” he adds. “Projects turn an otherwise dull academic experience into a vibrant experience of both failure and success. In this way, I feel that I am both learning to persevere and experiencing the excitement of completing a project as a team.”

Robbie advises students considering WPI to not only consider their intended field of study, but also their passions and the potential to combine the two. “At WPI, I have seen much overlap between the arts and the sciences … it is the perfect community to find a new intersection of practical engineering and the humanities and arts.”

After graduation, Robbie hopes to pursue a career in electronic systems engineering and continue to express himself through music. “By going to a school like WPI," he says, "I believe that I don't have to compromise between a successful career and having a creative voice.”


WPI student

Yardley, PA

Faculty Mentor

V.J. Manzo, Music

  • Dean’s list
  • Skull Trophy for Outstanding Achievement
  • Giving back to the WPI community by sharing his unique experiences of the Class of 2024’s freshmen year through Open Space events and Dean’s Walking Hours
  • Producing virtual concerts for the music groups
  • Arranging and composing songs for instrumental ensembles
  • Tinkering with embedded electronics

Campus Activities

  • Pep Band
  • Jazz Groups
  • Brass Ensemble
  • Concert Band
  • Lens & Lights
  • VOX

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