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Shaye J.


Junior, BS in Chemical Engineering
Completed Interactive Qualifying Project (IQP) at the Boston, Massachusetts Project Center
An IQP is often called life-changing by WPI students, requiring teams to delve into a problem that matters to real people.

Shaye and her team developed and delivered recommendations to help their sponsor, the Office of Technical Assistance and Technology (OTA), improve their climate change resiliency and chemical safety program. Through participant feedback, program evaluations, and site visits, the team presented OTA with solutions to help the organization take the next step toward increasing the effectiveness of their program.


Shaye appreciated that she and her teammates were able to fully immerse themselves in a project and be in total control of their own work. While they had the support of their project advisor and sponsor, the students learned to use their own strengths to best proceed and support one another, something she found invaluable over the course of their IQP.

She considers completing her IQP to be her greatest achievement at WPI thus far, citing her personal growth and confidence throughout the process as she's started to more fully picture her career, her strengths, and the impact of her work on the world after graduation.


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Oxford, CT


BS in Chemical Engineering

Project Advisor(s)
  • Completing this project successfully and the personal growth and confidence that came with the experience.
  • Joining fraternity rush events to protest sexism.
  • Working at a cosmetic company, developing new innovations in color, formulation, and fragrance.

Typical workweek schedule


Wake up, make breakfast, and get ready for the day.


Carpool with the team to Worcester Project Center before walking over to Union Station and taking the train to Boston.


Arrive in Boston and walk to the Boston Project Center or our sponsor's office before starting the day's work.


Break for lunch.


Return to the office and resume working.


Walk to South Station to catch the train back to Worcester.


Arrive in Worcester and return to campus.

photo of project group
Joining an architectural boat tour of Boston with all the students from the Boston Project Center
photo of Shaye working on her laptop
Working at the Boston Project Center with teammate Matt Cannata
Picture of group at their sponsor's office
Following the final project presentation to the sponsor and guests at the Boston Project Center
group talking with their advisor
Enjoying a guided walking tour of Boston with teammates and other students from the Boston Project Center
group sitting at a table in discussion
Conducting a kick off team meeting with the faculty advisor Seth Tuler in Worcester
group sitting down on a panel
Awaiting final proposal presentations at the conclusion of preparatory coursework
photo of group standing at a bridge
Taking a break with teammates outside the Boston Project Center
photo of group conversing and eating food
Enjoying a pizza party with other students from the Boston Project Center at the completion of the IQP.
This experience has empowered me to believe in my ability to succeed and see the values of my own skills and talents, as well as learning how to work as a team to create powerful work.