After-Hours Care

**For Urgent or Emergent Issues Only**

If you need urgent medical attention that cannot wait until normal business hours (Monday-Friday 8am to 5pm), please call our after-hours care provider at UMass Hahnemann Family Health Center of Worcester, at 508-334-8830. Identify yourself as a WPI student to the person answering the phone, and they will have the medical provider on call return your call as soon as possible.

If there is a life-threatening emergency or if you are too sick to make necessary arrangements or need physical assistance, please contact Campus Police at 508-831-5555 and an officer will respond to your location and request an ambulance if warranted. Students with serious illnesses and injuries will be transported to a local hospital via ambulance. The ambulance fee will be the responsibility of the student. To report off-campus emergencies, call 911.

Emergent vs. Urgent Medical Concerns

I’m sick/hurt and I want to be evaluated. What’s the difference between the hospital emergency room and an urgent care clinic?

Urgent care clinics are generally walk-in clinics that are equipped to deal with urgent, but non-life threatening medical conditions. Meanwhile, emergency rooms or emergency departments are walk-in, hospital-based locations that are equipped to deal with major and/or life-threatening medical conditions.




UMass Memorial Health Emergency Department (55 Lake Ave. North, Worcester or 119 Belmont St., Worcester)

Saint Vincent Hospital Emergency Department (123 Summer St., Worcester)

ReadyMed Urgent Care (366 Shrewsbury St., Worcester)

CareWell Urgent Care (500 Lincoln St., Worcester)

AFC Urgent Care (117 Stafford St., Worcester)

WPI Student Health Services

CVS Minute Clinic (44 West Boylston St., Worcester)

Your primary care provider (PCP)

Loss of consciousness

Worsening concussion


Severe pain

Consistent pain from existing issue

Improving, but persistent pain

Difficulty breathing

Worsening asthma symptoms - responding well to inhaler

Cough without fever

Chest pain

Injury to chest area

Heartburn, pulled muscle, rib bruise

Uncontrollable bleeding or severe burns

Deep cut that might need stitches or tetanus shot

Minor cuts, scrapes, burns that don't blister

Alcohol poisoning or drug overdose

Alcohol or drug addiction in sober person


Allergic reaction


Seasonal allergies

Fractures or Dislocations



Numbness, bluing of extremity 

Painful redness of extremity 

Cuts, scrapes, small bruises

Loss of vision

Redness & constant discharge from eye

Minor itching & redness of eye

Inability to drink fluids >24hrs

Nausea, Vomiting, Abdominal pain

Stomach bugs

Someone who is a danger to self or others

Severe anxiety or depression

Stress, sleep issues, fatigue

Fever >103 F not responding to acetaminophen

Fever >100.4 F persistent >48hr

Temperature <100.4 F

Inability to swallow, talk or manage saliva

Sore throat w fever >100.4 F

Minor sore throats, colds, ear aches

Sexual assault

Emergency contraception

Sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy tests

**Emergency room visits and being transported via an ambulance are oftentimes much more expensive than an urgent care visit. Please note, an urgent care clinic may still recommend you go to an emergency room/department if they deem your medical condition requires a higher level of care than they can provide.



Phone: 508-831-5520
Fax: 508-831-5953