The Carroll & Milton Petrie New York Teacher Fellowship Program

EACH YEAR THE PETRIE FELLOWSHIP PROGRAM WILL SUPPORT 20 OF THE NATION'S MOST OUTSTANDING AND ACCOMPLISHED RECENT COLLEGE GRADUATES AS THEY PURSUE MASTER'S DEGREES AT TEACHERS COLLEGE AND PREPARE FOR CAREERS AS NEW YORK CITY K-12 TEACHERS. AWARDS ARE BASED ON ACADEMIC ACCOMPLISHMENTS, FINANCIAL NEED, DEMONSTRATED POTENTIAL FOR LEADERSHIP, AND A COMMITMENT TO SERVICE AND A CAREER AS AN URBAN TEACHER. A BLUE RIBBON PANEL OF NATIONALLY EMINENT SCHOLARS, EDUCATORS, AND LEADERS IN BUSINESS AND GOVERNMENT MAKES FINAL SELECTION OF THE PETRIE FELLOWS AND FINALISTS. TEACHERS COLLEGE IS TREMENDOUSLY GRATEFUL TO THE BOARD OF THE CARROLL AND MILTON PETRIE FOUNDATION FOR THEIR VISION AND GENEROSITY IN ESTABLISHING THIS NATIONAL SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM. FELLOWS AND FINALISTS As PART OF THEIR AWARD, PETRIE FELLOWS WILL COMMIT TO TEACHING IN NEW YORK CITY'S PUBLIC SCHOOLS FOR AT LEAST FIVE YEARS AFTER GRADUATING FROM THE COLLEGE. FINALISTS WILL COMMIT TO TEACHING IN NEW YORK CITY'S PUBLIC SCHOOLS FOR AT LEAST ONE YEAR AFTER GRADUATING. THESE TEACHERS WILL BRING THEIR ENTHUSIASM AND LOVE OF LEARNING TO THE CITY'S YOUTH, MAKING SIGNIFICANT INROADS IN ADDRESSING THE SHORTAGE OF QUALIFIED AND COMMITTED TEACHERS IN THE MOST CHALLENGED URBAN SCHOOLS. PETRIE FELLOWS AND FINALISTS WILL BE SEEN AS THE FUTURE LEADERS OF AMERICAN EDUCATION, BRINGING THEIR SCHOLARSHIP AND DIGNITY TO THIS PRESTIGIOUS PROFESSION. REQUIREMENTS: If you would like to apply for a Petrie Fellowship, we ask that you submit the following documents as part of your application for admission by January 15, 2008: I. In addition to the personal statement submitted for application to Teachers College, please submit a separate one- to two-page, single-spaced statement addressing why you want to be a Petrie Fellow, why you plan to choose teaching in urban schools as a career path, and why you believe you are qualified for the Fellowship and for such a career. . 2. In addition to recommendations submitted for application to TC, please submit an additional recommendation from a professor, dean, or professional supervisor that specifically addresses how you are qualified for the Petrie Fellowship and for teaching in an urban school. 3. Be sure to include an updated copy of your resume. 4. Be sure to complete the Free Application For Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form and list Teachers College as one of the schools to receive the information. NOMINATION: In addition to the application process outlined under REQUIREMENTS, faculty in pre-service teacher preparation programs may also nominate students as candidates for the Petrie Fellow/Finalist awards. A schedule with deadlines for nominations will be distributed shortly. The Office of Admission will contact nominees and alert them to the additional application requirements for consideration for these awards, and provide nominees with basic information about the awards and the service commitment required. ELIGIBILITY: To be eligible for consideration as a Petrie Fellow/Finalist, applicants must be: . a baccalaureate graduate (BA or BS) . admitted to a pre-service teacher preparation program, with preference given to teacher shortage areas . not previously certified to teach in the pre-service area of study that will be undertaken at Teachers College

Academic Level
Field(s) of Study
Social Sciences
Law and Diplomacy
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