Academic Advising

Under the WPI Plan, students have the final responsibility for designing their own educational experiences at WPI, which includes understanding their degree requirements and making sure those requirements have all been satisfied for graduation. However, that doesn’t mean students are on their own—each student is assigned a faculty advisor to provide them with tips, advice, and guidance when necessary.

The role of the faculty advisor is to help their advisees design a program of study, which reflects the students’ interests and professional goals. They are also available to help their advisees choose among academic alternatives, interpret catalog requirements, and review degree audits and grade reports. Academic Advising, in turn, provides supplemental support to undergraduate students to help them create academic plans and reach their goals.

Academic Advising Resources

The Office of Academic Advising oversees the Academic Resources Center, which offers 1-on-1 as well as group drop-in tutoring support for introductory STEM based courses; the Insight Program, a distinct first-year program focused on assisting students with the transition to college; Pre-Health programs, and Nationally Competitive Fellowship Advising are also coordinated through the Office of Academic Advising. The Office of Academic Advising can also help students to plan to complete a BS/MS in their desired field.

See Tuition & Aid FAQs for information about potential impacts of NRs on financial aid. Be sure to connect with your Academic Advisor for information on potential academic impacts of NRs.



Visit TutorTrac to schedule an appointment with your academic advisor. You can also sign up for 1-on-1 tutoring sessions through Tutortrac. Learn how to book an Advising Appointment Here or a Tutoring Appointment Here

Program Tracking Sheets

Students are encouraged to utilize our Program Tracking Sheets to help them stay organized and plan their classes for next year.


Q&A with Paul Reilly

Meet the Assistant Dean of Student Success in the Advising Office