Helen T. Carr Fellowships

As a way of addressing the lack of engineering faculty role models at the Historically Black Engineering Colleges (HBEC), the American Society for Engineering Education instituted the awarding of yearly fellowships to African-American faculty members or students in pursuit of the doctoral degree. These fellowships have been named after the late Helen T. Carr, an official of the Western Electric Fund, who dedicated herself to assuring the continued support of such a fellowship program by sustaining corporate sponsors. The Committee currently provides up to $10,000 per year to students who are pursuing a doctoral degree. Upon completion of the doctoral degree requirements, a fellow is committed to return to one the HBEC institutions. Approximately 20 Helen T. Carr Fellows have completed their doctoral degree under this program. Fellowships are available to students who are currently engaged in planning to enter a career in higher education at an HBEC. A candidate must be sponsored by the Dean of Engineering from one of the participating institutions. Applications from sponsoring Dean should be submitted to ASEE by May 1 each year.

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