Society for Technical Communication Scholarships

The Society for Technical Communication is a professional organization for people developing technical information through such occupations as technical writing, editing, graphical design, interface design, and Web design. The goal of the society is to improve the transfer of information about science and technology from its developer (e.g., scientist, engineer, inventor) to its user. STC scholarships benefit students working toward this goal.

Applicants must have completed at least one year of post-secondary education, and must be full-time students. They may be either graduate students working toward a Master's or Doctor's degree, or undergraduate students working toward a Bachelor's degree. Students should have at least one full year of academic work remaining to complete their degree programs, although under exceptional circumstances an award may be granted to a student for the final half-year. They should be studying communication of information about technical subjects. Other majors, such as general journalism, electronic communication engineering, computer programming, creative writing, or entertainment, are not eligible.

Academic Level
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