Responsibilities of Recognized Organizations

Student clubs and organizations that are recognized by WPI are required to adhere to the following guidelines in order to keep their recognized status each year.

  • Renew their recognition annually by submitting the Organization Information Update form and the Anti-Hazing Policy form
  • Use the WPI Business Office for the administration of all university-approved and -supplied funds as well as those funds raised on campus
  • Have a current constitution on file with the Student Activities Office (SAO)
  • Have only matriculated WPI students as its members
  • Have full-time students as its officers
  • Require that all officers of undergraduate organizations be matriculated undergraduate students
  • Maintain a current list of officers with the SAO
  • Adhere to all federal, state, and local laws, and university policies, including the Student Code of Conduct and all Judicial Policies
  • Ensure that their members do not practice any physical or psychologically abusive behaviors, either intentionally or unintentionally

In addition to the above responsibilities, all WPI fraternities and sororities must submit a certificate for insurance for all nationally affiliated organizations.