Submitting a Project

It’s imperative that students submit their Interactive Qualifying Projects (IQPs) or Major Qualifying Projects (MQPs) to their advisors and upload a copy to the E-Projects website in a timely manner in order for them to receive credit.

Students must submit their completed project report to their advisors during the final term of registration for the project and before the deadline for submittal of Completion of Degree Requirement Forms. Students are also required to submit a copy of the document to the participating off-campus organization prior to the end of the term so that proprietary and confidential information in the report can be identified and removed. Most off-campus organizations require 30 days for this review, and the grade and final report cannot be submitted to the Registrar by the project advisor until this review has been done.

A final project report may not be submitted except by electronic submission through the E-projects website. The Library provides detailed directions for submitting the project report and any supplementary files electronically.

E-project Submission Requirement

Students and their faculty advisors are required to participate in online submission of Interactive Qualifying Project (IQP) & Major Qualifying Project (MQP) reports. For more information, visit the E-projects website.