Students looking for safe, timely, and reliable transportation during evening and late-night hours can utilize the evening campus shuttle, which runs a scheduled fixed route of nine stops. Hours of operation are Sunday through Saturday from 5:30 p.m. to 12 a.m (Midnight).

theShuttle service does not operate on the holidays or during recess/breaks. Contact the SNAP Shuttle for transportation during the holidays and during recess/break. 

theShuttle is equipped with a handicap chair lift. Please contact Shuttle Liaison LT. Karen Bueno or the WPI Police at 508-831-5433 with any questions or concerns.

The posted signs for the shuttle routes can be found in the following campus locations (listed in order of the shuttle route):

  • Faraday Hall: In front of building.
  • Gateway Park: Outside the Gateway Garage by the north-end stairwell.
  • 85 Prescott: In front of the building.
  • Founders Hall: At the rear of the building.
  • Kaven Hall: In front of the building by the library lot.
  • Bartlett Center: In front of building.
  • Morgan SQ.: End of the walkway between Rec Center/Morgan Hall.
  • Price Chopper: In front of building.
  • Salisbury Estates: By the rotary island.

The following are locations with scheduled times; please take pedestrian and vehicle traffic volume, inclement weather, and the loading and unloading of passengers into consideration: 

The Shuttle (evening) Hours of Operations
Faraday Hall Gateway Garage 85 Prescott Founders Hall Kaven Hall Bartlett Center Morgan SQ. Price Chopper Salisbury Estates
5:30pm 5:33pm 5:35pm 5:37pm 5:39pm 5:41pm 5:42pm 5:45pm 5:48pm
5:50pm 5:53pm 5:55pm 5:57pm 5:59pm 6:01pm 6:02pm 6:05pm 6:08pm
6:10pm 6:13pm 6:15pm 6:17pm 6:19pm 6:21pm 6:22pm 6:25pm 6:28pm
6:30pm 6:33pm 6:35pm 6:37pm 6:39pm 6:41pm 6:42pm 6:45pm 6:48pm
6:50pm 6:53pm 6:55pm 6:57pm 6:59pm 7:01pm 7:02pm 7:05pm 7:08pm
7:10pm 7:13pm 7:15pm 7:17pm 7:19pm 7:21pm 7:22pm 7:25pm 7:28pm
7:30pm 7:33pm 7:35pm 7:37pm 7:39pm 7:41pm 7:42pm 7:45pm 7:48pm
7:50pm 7:53pm 7:55pm 7:57pm 7:59pm 8:01pm 8:02pm 8:05pm 8:08pm
8:10pm 8:13pm 8:15pm 8:17pm 8:19pm 8:21pm 8:22pm 8:25pm 8:28pm
8:30pm 8:33pm 8:35pm 8:37pm 8:39pm 8:41pm 8:42pm 8:45pm 8:48pm
8:50pm 8:53pm 8:55pm 8:57pm 8:59pm 9:01pm 9:02pm 9:05pm 9:08pm
9:10pm 9:13pm 9:15pm 9:17pm 9:19pm 9:21pm 9:22pm 9:25pm 9:28pm
9:30pm 9:33pm 9:35pm 9:37pm 9:39pm 9:41pm 9:42pm 9:45pm 9:48pm
9:50pm 9:53pm 9:55pm 9:57pm 9:59pm 10:01pm 10:02pm 10:05pm 10:08pm
10:10pm 10:13pm 10:15pm 10:17pm 10:19pm 10:21pm 10:22pm 10:25pm 10:28pm
10:30pm 10:33pm 10:35pm 10:37pm 10:39pm 10:41pm 10:42pm 10:45pm 10:48pm
10:50pm 10:53pm 10:55pm 10:57pm 10:59pm 11:01pm 11:02pm 11:05pm 11:08pm
11:10pm 11:13pm 11:15pm 11:17pm 11:19pm 11:21pm 11:22pm 11:25pm 11:28pm
11:30pm 11:33pm 11:35pm 11:37pm 11:39pm 11:41pm 11:42pm 11:45pm 11:48pm
11:50pm 11:53pm 11:55pm 11:57pm 11:59pm