WPI Alert, WPI’s Emergency Notification system, sends emergency messages to your mobile or fixed device of choice so you get emergency messages quickly wherever you are.

New WPI Alert System Coming August 1

As of August 1, WPI will switch to a new emergency communication system; click here for more information. Until that time, please follow the information below for WPI's current alert system.

Current WPI Alert System

To sign up for the existing WPI Alert service, log in to Banner with your WPI user name and password, then click on "Sign Up Now to Update your Crisis Contact Information" to go to a page where you can enter your contact information.

The WPI Alert service gives campus leaders and security professionals the ability to reach all students and staff with time-sensitive information during unforeseen events or emergencies using voice, email, and text messaging. During critical situations, WPI officials can use the system to broadcast pertinent information and provide details on appropriate response.

By providing accurate, up-to-date emergency contact information, you enable WPI Alert to send simultaneous text messaging, voicemail, and email to you and your designated emergency contacts.

Don’t let another day go by without subscribing to this free service offered to the WPI community.  Sign up now to take full advantage of this important communication tool.

Signing up is easy. Log in to Banner with your WPI user name and password, then click on "Sign Up Now to Update your Crisis Contact Information" to go to a page where you can enter your contact information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Data-Related Questions

Question: What contact data should I provide WPI?

Answer: WPI Alert allows storing of up to six phone numbers and two email addresses. The best emergency contact number is probably your mobile phone. Please provide us with multiple points of contact points to ensure message delivery.

Question: I heard that my classmate received a voice message from WPI but I did not. Why?

Answer: It is possible that we do not have your contact information loaded in WPI Alert. Please contact the registrar’s office or use the student web portal to verify your information is correct.

Call-Related Questions

Question:  How does the WPI Alert system respond to busy signals or no-answer situations?

Answer: For busy signals, the call will be repeated several times in an attempt to reach you. The same is true for no-answer and call-waiting. If the phone is answered by a message recorder, the message will be left on the answering device. If, after several attempts the call does not successfully go through, the system will stop attempting and report your number to be busy.

Question: I provided multiple phone numbers, email addresses, and SMS, on which device will I get the message first?

Answer:  WPI Alert delivers messages to phones, emails, and SMS independently and simultaneously. That means if we were to send emergency messages, it will be delivered to all your available phone numbers at the same time; which means you may have your mobile and work/home phone ring concurrently. Email and SMS deliveries are dependent on your service providers and in most cases, they come through quite fast.

Question: I received the message but missed the information. What should I do?

Answer: While on the call, you can replay the message by pressing the star key (*) at the end of the message. You may also check your email to locate the link for that message.

Question: I received the message but it kept looping/repeating. Why?

Answer: The system does its best to detect whether it has reached a live person or an answering machine. Sometimes loud ambient noises may cause the system to loop.  If this happens, use the mute feature on your phone or move to a quieter location to prevent the message from looping or repeating.

Question: I see a caller ID display of xxx-xxx-xxxx. Who is this?

Answer: When University/College (or a department) sends out a call using WPI Alert, it will always display Caller ID information. Please save this number on your cell phone to represent WPI calling.

Question: I provided the phone number and I have verified that it is correct. The call report indicates that you are reaching me live at that number. Why do I still not receive any calls from you?

Answer: This might happen if you have call forwarding activated to forward calls to another phone number or voicemail. By deactivating this feature, you should resume receiving messages from us.

Question: I received the calls at my mobile and my home phone but my campus phone call came much later, why?

Answer: The campus phone system can only handle a limited number of simultaneous incoming calls. If we call all numbers at once, it is going to result in busy signals. Therefore, we batch campus phone numbers into separate groups which might result in your call group receiving the calls later than others.

Question: I received the message in my email inbox, but when I clicked the link to play the message nothing happened. Why?

Answer: You may not have a default media player like Windows Media Player or QuickTime installed. Download these players from Microsoft or Apple and install on your computer to listen to messages.

SMS-Related Questions

Question: How do I opt-in to receive text messages from my school?

Answer:  You can opt-in by providing a text-enabled phone number via your school’s web portal or registrar’s office

Question:  What happens after I sign up (opt-in)?

Answer: WPI Alert automatically sends a text message to that phone with a confirmation request during business hours (10:00am – 6:00pm PST). You will be instructed to reply to the text message by texting “YES [Key code]” or “Y [Key code]” to complete the opt-in process.

Question: What happens if I’m unavailable to reply to the confirmation request?

Answer: You are allowed to reply at any time. However, you will not be able to receive WPI Alert text messages until you respond. If you lose the original confirmation text message, send a text message with the words “SUBSCRIBE [acct code]” to SMS phone number 23177. You will receive a confirmation text message via your phone and you can reply by following the instructions provided.

Question: I did not receive a confirmation request. What happened?

Answer:  Check with your mobile phone company to find out if your phone can receive text messages and if you are subscribed to a text messaging plan.

Question: I have text messaging enabled on my mobile phone and I have received a message indicating that I am now confirmed to receive text messages and there is no need for me to respond. What should I do next?

Answer:  Some mobile phone companies do not require you reply and therefore, you do not need to do anything at this time.

Question:  How do I opt-out?

Answer:  The easiest way is to visit our web portal at BannerWeb  and uncheck the RECEIVE SMS box. This allows you to temporarily stop receiving text messages from us. You may return at any time to resume text deliveries. However, you may also opt-out permanently by texting “STOP [Key code]” or “QUIT [Key code]” to 23177. This STOP method will prevent any messages from being delivered to you regardless of whether your portal preference indicates a check within the RECEIVE SMS box or not.

Question:  What if I opted-out but later decide I would like to opt-in again?

Answer:  You may request to begin receiving text messages by texting “SUBSCRIBE [Key code]” to 23177. The WPI Alert service will then re-initiate the opt-in process and send you a confirmation request. You must reply by texting “YES [Key code]” or “Y [Key code]” to complete the opt-in process.