I&E Partnerships

WPI’s Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center nurtures valuable partnerships across campus and throughout varied industries. Innovation infuses the WPI campus; our varied initiatives connect students’ discovery work, curriculum, and professional development, and lead to greater and more effective problem solving and economic impact.

Location: Innovation Studio

Value Creation Initiative

Professionals who know how to create value with their work are sought for their specialized ability and innovative approach. WPI’s distinctive approach to immersing students in the value creation process gives them the tools they need to solve problems that matter. From general coursework to projects to specific value creation curriculum, WPI students are value creators and innovators.



With WPI’s long history of collaboration with KEEN and the Kern Family Foundation, WPI has established a foundational approach that teaches entrepreneurial-minded learning focusing on curiosity, connections, and creating value in society. Our faculty members are awarded valuable KEEN grants to further their students’ projects and long-term ability to make a positive impact in their own lives and the lives of others.