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Olin Hall

Olin Hall

100 Institute Road, Worcester MA, 01609

A gift of the F. W. Olin Foundation, Olin Hall was built to house the Department of Physics in 1958. The lobby just outside the building’s main entrance contains a wall made from Tennessee greenstone marble bearing a memorial plaque honoring Franklin W. Olin, a pioneering chemical industrialist who founded the Olin Corporation. Facilities in Olin Hall include equipment for research on the optical properties of solids, light-scattering and laser spectroscopy of semiconductors, glass fibers, and complex fluids. At one point, the building contained to the nation’s only Van de Graaff accelerator—a device that creates high-voltage static electricity—used by undergraduate students.

Offices and Departments

Title Email Phone
Physics 508-831-5258


From left, From left, Lyubov Titova, Pratap Rao, and Aaron Deskins, stand in the WPI NanoEnergy Lab looking toward the viewer alt
From left, Lyubov Titova, assistant professor of physics, Pratap Rao, assistant professor of mechanical engineering, and Aaron Deskins, associate professor of chemical engineering in the WPI NanoEnergy Lab
October 11, 2017
October 02, 2013