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With expertise from faculty members in all disciplines as well as partners in organizations and industry, the Value Creation Initiative has a powerful knowledge network.

VCI Faculty

Curtis Carlson

Distinguished Executive-in-Residence
Glenn Gaudette

Glenn R. Gaudette

Office: Gateway Park 4012
Phone: +1 (508) 8315000 x6086
Glenn R. Gaudette, PhD, is a Professor of Biomedical Engineering at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. He received his PhD in Biomedical Engineering from SUNY – Stony Brook. He has over 75 publications, co-edited a book on Cardiovascular Regeneration, has 4 issued patents and founded a company based on the technology developed in his laboratory. His research, which is supported by the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation, aims to develop a treatment for the millions of Americans suffering from myocardial infarction and other cardiovascular diseases. ... View Profile
Arthur Heinricher

Arthur C. Heinricher

Dean of Undergraduate Studies
Office: Boynton Hall, 1st Fl
Phone: +1 (508) 8315000 x5397
Arthur Heinricher is the Dean of Undergraduate Studies and a Professor of Mathematical Sciences. As dean, he is responsible for ensuring the quality and effectiveness of all aspects of the undergraduate experience at WPI, providing leadership and working with the faculty to implement new undergraduate curricular and structural changes. Together with the Dean of Students, he works to ensure an appropriate balance and synergy between academics and student life. ... View Profile

Leonard Polizzotto

Distinguished Executive in Residence
Janet Zafiris

Janet M Zafiris

Grant Operations Administrator
Phone: +1 (508) 8315000 x6159

WPI VCI Faculty Partners

Curtis Abel

Curtis Allen Abel

Executive Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, ad interim
Phone: +1 (508) 8315798
Kristin Boudreau

Kristin Boudreau

Office: Salisbury Laboratories 238
Phone: +1 (508) 8315000 x4191
My research interests include literature and culture, humanities and STEM integration, and engineering education. These areas are unified by broad concerns for justice, inclusion, and social progress. My literary scholarship considers the ways literature helps to advance social progress and justice, while my educational research investigates educational environments and works to develop pedagogies and content that open STEM education to broader populations by bringing the humanities and arts to scientific and technical subjects. ... View Profile
Leslie Dodson

Leslie Lynn Dodson

Assistant Teaching Professor-Interdisciplinary
Office: 100 Institute RD
Maqsood Mughal

Maqsood Ali Mughal

Assistant Teaching Professor
Office: AK 309
Phone: +1 (508) 8315975
I consider myself an individual who owes much to the society, and even more to myself. Thus, what could be a better way to serve the society than to teach and prepare a young generation of engineers and researchers. At WPI, I teach ECE2029 Introduction to Digital Circuit Design, an important course that teaches students modern digital design techniques to design, implement and test digital circuits ranging in complexity from basic logic gates to state machines that perform useful functions like calculations, counting, timing, and a host of other applications. I received my Ph.D. ... View Profile
Douglas Petkie

Douglas Todd Petkie

Professor and Department Head
Office: Olin Hall 120
Phone: +1 (508) 8315000 x5420
It is my pleasure to work with students and colleagues to elevate the impact WPI has on the world. WPI has a dynamic and energetic environment with a strong focus on experiential learning and interdisciplinary research. The balance between theory and practice and the passion everyone shares for the WPI Plan and the Project Based Curriculum makes this a truly unique place, where you get degrees for project accomplishments rather than courses completed. ... View Profile
George Pins

George D Pins

Office: Gateway Park 4010
Phone: +1 (508) 8315000 x6742
The overall objective of my research is to create bioengineered scaffolds to enhance the regeneration of damaged tissues and organs. Specifically, my laboratory uses biomimetic design strategies and novel fabrication processes to develop three-dimensional constructs that emulate native tissue architecture and cellular microenvironments. We use these scaffolds to characterize the roles of extracellular matrix (ECM) cues and topographic features in modulating cellular functions, including adhesion, migration, proliferation, differentiation, and tissue remodeling. ... View Profile
Nima Rahbar

Nima Rahbar

Associate Professor
Office: Kaven Hall 106
Phone: +1 (508) 8315000 x6567
My research and teaching activities in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering are in the area of the mechanics of materials and structures. At WPI, my favorite aspect of teaching is working one on one with graduate and undergraduate students on research projects. I like to excite students’ curiosity towards discoveries and creative scientific advancements. In our research group, we focus on the fundamental principles that control the behavior of materials in engineering and biology at multiple scales. ... View Profile
Suzanne Weekes

Suzanne L. Weekes

Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies, ad Interim
Office: Stratton Hall 207
Phone: +1 (508) 8315000 x5267
Research is a core part of the undergraduate experience at WPI. As Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies, Prof. Suzanne Weekes increases the focus on the undergraduate research enterprise at the university to continue to advance WPI’s mission to create, to discover, and to convey knowledge at the frontiers of academic inquiry for the betterment of society. ... View Profile
Kristin Wobbe

Kristin K. Wobbe

Co-Director, CPBL and Director, GPS
Office: 157 West St. 1st floor
Phone: +1 (617) 6975267
Project-based learning is an enormously powerful approach to education. I've been changed by it; I've watched students be changed by it. I've seen faculty develop a renewed sense of joy in teaching from using it. And now, after over a decade of using PBL with students, I'm embarking on a new phase of helping faculty implement PBL through the work of the Center for Project-Based Learning. The good news - working with faculty on PBL is as much fun as working with students! View Profile
Sarah Jane Wodin-Schwartz

Sarah Jane Wodin-Schwartz

Assistant Teaching Professor
Office: Higgins Laboratories, 106
Phone: +1 (508) 8315000 x6037
Prof. Wodin-Schwartz joined WPI in August 2015. While at UC Berkeley, Prof. Wodin-Schwartz was a teaching assistant for both mechanical and electrical engineering courses including Introduction to Mechatronics for which she received the Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Award. Her Ph.D. research focused on the use of microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) for down hole geothermal well monitoring. Before joining WPI, Prof. Wodin-Schwartz spent two years at the technical consulting firm Exponent Inc. ... View Profile