Arts & Sciences Week

WPI holds two distinct Arts & Sciences Week events every year. These weeks showcase the talents, ideas, and themes that infuse the eight academic departments and ten academic programs in WPI’s School of Arts & Sciences.

But even more, Arts & Sciences weeks are a celebration of the interconnections between the arts and science and engineering, business, and global engagement at WPI. The events, performances, and discussions are a vibrant illustration of how the diverse perspectives, knowledge, and skills of various, creators, scholars, inventors, and responsible global citizens can promote discovery and communication, advance knowledge, and improve the human condition.

Knowledge at Light Speed: A Sampler of Faculty Lightning Talks

Among the highlights of each year’s Arts & Sciences Week are lightening talks in which faculty members and student share the gist of their scholarship in five minutes or less. In this gallery you will view faculty talks from 2018 and 2019 (the 2019 talks focused on the theme, “Global Impact: The Latin American Experience”).