You aren't one dimensional. Your education shouldn't be either, which is why WPI assures both undergraduates and graduates the freedom and support to explore their potential. There are links among scientific inquiry, creative expression, and entrepreneurial thinking. In the Arts & Sciences, as with all of WPI, we believe in making connections stronger.

The WPI undergraduate program places considerable emphasis on the humanities and arts and exploring the impact of science and technology on society. Likewise, graduate students benefit from collaborative relationships with faculty, the environment that encourages independent research and a global perspective, and the commitment to solving complex human problems thoughtfully.

STEM Faculty Launch

WPI is now accepting applications for its 3rd Annual STEM Faculty Launch Program, to be held September 21-22, 2017. STEM Faculty Launch is a premier workshop for graduate students and post-doctoral researchers seeking tenure-track positions in the STEM fields. This annual workshop covers best practices for pursuing, applying for, and establishing faculty careers.

Clare Boothe Luce Scholars

WPI is committed to encouraging and supporting women in fields in which they are traditionally underrepresented. As part of that effort, WPI’s Office of Arts & Sciences provides research awards made possible by the Henry Luce Foundation to support undergraduate women in math, computer science, physics, and robotics engineering. These awards provide students with the opportunity to deepen their education by working on a research project in collaboration with a Luce faculty mentor and research advisor.

Preparing Students For Global Challenges

A message from Dean Karen Oates

I like to ask, how can WPI become not necessarily the best university in the world, but the best university for the world?

How do we create an educational community that both advances the individual goals of our students and serves the larger needs of our rapidly globalizing society? We must not only send our students into the world but support them with programming and curricula that are responsive to their needs, goals, and employment aspirations by preparing them to think, understand, and succeed in global markets.

The Arts & Sciences at WPI

Global Public Health Minor

The minor in Global Public Health will use an interdisciplinary approach to explore the major underlying biological determinants of health as well as aspects of social, political, environmental, and economic influences. The program offers a flexible set of requirements to allow students to design a minor appropriate for their particular educational and professional objectives.

Student Profiles

Alexander Shoop
Alexander S.
Senior, Actuarial Mathematics and Computer Science

Alex’s fun and packed schedule is a great example of embracing a healthy work-life balance at WPI.

Christina Aiello Picture
Christina A.
Senior, BS in Computer Science

A senior Computer Science student who received extra help at WPI when she needed it most pays it forward as a supportive TA for first-years.

Korinn Ostrow
Korinn O.
PhD in Learning Sciences & Technologies

A PhD student in the Learning Sciences & Technology program finds deep bonds with faculty mentors who helped her shape her career path.

Melissa Mobley
Melissa M.
PhD in Biotechnology

A PhD biotech student seeks to combine her love of working with animals and human healthcare to develop pharmaceuticals.

Water Innovation Workshop

On October 24, 2016, WPI held a workshop sponsored by the National Science Foundation on developing sustainable solutions to emerging water problems around the globe. Workshop participants met to discuss problems like access to clean water and water supply, and discussed actionable solutions. Learn more about Water Innovation Workshop.