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Imagine. Innovate. Impact.

The School of Arts & Sciences touches every aspect of work at WPI. Woven throughout our disciplines, the seamless interactions between and among the arts and sciences—as well as engineering and business—allows sparks of imagination to come to life through scientific, technological, artistic, and humanistic innovation. 

The arts and sciences do not just overcome barriers between disciplines but eliminate them such that the possibilities are limitless. Guided by three concepts—Imagine, Innovate, Impact—our students and faculty work together on projects and in classrooms and labs with the dedicated commitment to promote discovery and communication, advance knowledge, and improve the human condition. 

This is a place where music, art, and design thinking allow our scientists and engineers to have long-lasting impact, inspiring and exciting the imagination to reach their own stars, regardless of what they choose to research or study.  

Conversation With the President and Jean King, Dean of Arts & Sciences

From the WPI Journal

Conversation with the President: Jean King

President Leshin and School of Arts & Sciences Dean Jean King discuss everything from the role of humanities and arts at a STEM institution to WPI’s new neuroscience program to health and wellness initiatives during the pandemic in the latest issue of the WPI Journal.


July 22, 2021
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Creative Writing Professor Honored with the Flannery O’Connor Award for Short Fiction 2020, Book Publication 

Kate McIntyre’s collection of stories, Mad Prairie, was selected as the winner of the prestigious annual literary award and will be published by University of Georgia Press in fall 2021. 

Music Professor Hopes Listeners Will Hear Life on Exoplanets Through His First Album 

David Ibbett, adjunct teaching professor of Arts & Sciences, gave us a preview of his first album, Octave of Light, which narrates the stories of exoplanets—planets that orbit a star outside of our solar system—through composed music.  

Awarded More than $900,000 to Develop Computational Models for Human Cell Division

Two researchers in mathematics and biology received a National Institutes of Health grant to develop computational models for the study of a critical piece of cellular machinery that often goes awry in cancer.

Student Profiles

Professional photo of Floris

Floris V.

Senior, BS in Robotic Engineering and Computer Science

An international student from the Netherlands reaches new heights with WPI’s project-based curriculum through his IQP and through his undergraduate research experience.

Student Voice - Michael O

Michael O.

Sophomore, BS in Computer Science, minor in Philosophy and Religion

Michael thought he knew what to expect from WPI, but his path is different from anything he imagined.

Alissa O

Alissa O.

Senior, BS in Computer Science, Mathematical Sciences

Alissa sought out research opportunities with the Math Department that led to her completing an undergraduate research project with Vestigo Ventures—a project that has turned into her MQP and led to the submission of a research paper to IEEE.


global project centers on six continents


most popular Robotics Engineering program in the nation

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Best Science Lab Facilities

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Game Design Programs (Undergraduate)

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Media Coverage

David Spanagel, associate professor of humanities & arts, was quoted in the Science News article, “Marie Tharp’s groundbreaking maps brought the seafloor to the world.” “That’s why her map is so powerful,” Spanagel told the publication. “It allows people to see the bottom of the ocean as if it were a piece of land, and then reason about it. That’s a transformative thing that she’s able to accomplish.”

David Ibbett, adjunct professor of music, sat down with The Telegram & Gazette to talk about his first album, "Octave of Light," which was written based on the more than 4,000 exoplanets that have been discovered in our solar system. Ibbett will debut his album tonight via live stream at the Boston Museum of Science. 

Women Authors Evening Series

For more than a dozen years, the Women Authors Evening has hosted female authors and artists for a celebration of creativity and community. The event also raises funds for a Worcester-based domestic violence program. 

Arts & Sciences Week

WPI’s annual Arts & Sciences Week offers community opportunities to engage with each other through exploring social issues and new research with open dialogue. Events and activities encourage participation in the arts. 

STEM Faculty Launch

Since 2015, WPI has helped grad students and postdoctoral scholars transition into faculty roles with the annual STEM Faculty Launch. This intensive two-day workshop offers a roadmap for starting a successful academic career.  

Women in Data Science

WPI’s ongoing collaboration with Stanford University and the Global Women in Data Science Conference brings the Women in Data Science (WiDS) conference to Central Massachusetts each year. 

Critical Conversation

In partnership with the School of Engineering, the Foisie Business School, and The Global School, A&S brings key conversation topics to the forefront where they can be examined. These discussions add essential understanding from which new ideas can develop.