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Imagine. Innovate. Integrate. Impact.

The School of Arts & Sciences touches every aspect of work at WPI. Woven throughout our disciplines, the seamless interactions between and among the arts and sciences—as well as engineering and business—allows sparks of imagination to come to life through scientific, technological, artistic, and humanistic innovation. 

The arts and sciences do not just overcome barriers between disciplines but eliminate them such that the possibilities are limitless. Guided by three concepts—Imagine, Innovate, Impact—our students and faculty work together on projects and in classrooms and labs with the dedicated commitment to promote discovery and communication, advance knowledge, and improve the human condition. 

This is a place where music, art, and design thinking allow our scientists and engineers to have long-lasting impact, inspiring and exciting the imagination to reach their own stars, regardless of what they choose to research or study.  

Arts & Sciences in Action

APART - The 2021 WPI Concert Band

The 2021 WPI Concert Band's Virtual Exhibition, APART, is an engaging and creative presentation including aerial drone footage of the campus during the last piece. Performance order: Percy Grainger's "Shepherd's Hey", David Biedenbender's "Melodious Thunk" and Rossano Galante's "Journey Through the Stratosphere."

Meet Our Students

WPI student

Robbie Oleynick '24

BS, Electrical & Computer Engineering

At WPI, Robbie is pursuing his passion for music alongside his interest in electrical & computer engineering and computer science.

Darren Cole

Darren Cole

PhD, Computational Media

Artist Darren loves to dream big and appreciates WPI’s dedication to helping students achieve their goals.

headshot of Dayna Mercadante in a white top

Dayna Mercadante

PhD, Bioinformatics & Computational Biology

Dayna arrived at WPI as a Presidential Fellow and has discovered a supportive community where her research efforts have led to professional growth and personal satisfaction.  

Professional photo of Floris

Floris Van Rossum '20

BS in Robotic Engineering and Computer Science

An international student from the Netherlands reaches new heights with WPI’s project-based curriculum through his IQP and through his undergraduate research experience.

Sabine Hahan Profile Picture

Sabine Hahn

PhD, Biology & Biotechnology

As a PhD student, Sabine enjoys discovering the large range of opportunities a STEM education and a career provides.

WPI student sitting outside

Catherine Reynolds '23

BS, Biochemistry

As a varsity volleyball player, Catherine knows the importance of teamwork—and from her first days on campus, she was working in teams in the classroom as well.

Alissa O

Alissa Ostapenko ’20

BS, Computer Science & Mathematical Sciences

Alissa sought out research opportunities with the Math Department that led to her completing an undergraduate research project with Vestigo Ventures—a project that has turned into her MQP and led to the submission of a research paper to IEEE.

The Call of Karen Trailer

Featured Project

The Call of Karen Comedy Simulation Game

For the four members of Team Trumbus, the Major Qualifying Project (MQP) marked their professional beginnings and brought home the reality of how good teamwork makes a difference. Their MQP produced The Call of Karen, a PC comedy simulation game released in July and now owned by more than 100,000 players around the world.

WP Professor Dmitry Korkin
Advancing Research

Translating Science into Art

Dmitry Korkin, professor of computer science, and a team of graduate students used molecular modeling to reconstruct the 3D structure of major viral proteins and their interactions with human proteins. This remarkable work was published in Viruses, a leading virology journal. A stunning glass sculpture of the coronavirus particle by Scottish artist Angela Palmer, based on Korkin’s model, is on display at the UK’s Oxford University Museum of Natural History.

students in a classroom with laptops
Program Spotlight

Gender, Sexuality & Women's Studies

The Gender, Sexuality & Women’s Studies (GSWS) program is dedicated to the study of interlocking systems of oppression (including racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, classism, ethnocentrism, and colonialism) and their impact on the lives of those not only on campus, but across the world. 

Alumni Impact

Managing the Strain: Jennifer Headman '01

Fermentation microbiologist Jennifer Headman ’01 (biotechnology) uncovers the secret power of microbes, and how they just might save the world.


September 09, 2022
Humanities & Arts
August 15, 2022
Graduate & Professional Studies
June 22, 2022
School of Arts & Sciences, Computer Science
June 14, 2022
School of Arts & Sciences


1:00 pm
We are challenging students to use their creativity, ingenuity and tenacity to develop innovative solutions that will equip WPI to prepare for a sustainable future.


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From left: author Megan Giddings, professor and filmmaker Kendall Moore, and professor Pamela Harris
September 15, 2022
Patricia Zhang Musacchio alt
Patricia Zhang Musacchio
September 12, 2022