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You aren't one dimensional. Your education shouldn't be either, which is why WPI assures both undergraduates and graduates the freedom and support to explore their potential. There are links among scientific inquiry, creative expression, and entrepreneurial thinking. In the Arts & Sciences, as with all of WPI, we believe in making connections stronger.

The WPI undergraduate program places considerable emphasis on the humanities and arts and exploring the impact of science and technology on society. Likewise, graduate students benefit from collaborative relationships with faculty, the environment that encourages independent research and a global perspective, and the commitment to solving complex human problems thoughtfully.

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Imagine. Innovate. Impact. These three concepts lie at the heart of WPI’s School of Arts and Sciences. We’re pleased to share the stories, students, faculty, and data that highlight our successes in the latest edition of Pathways.

WPI alumna Marni Hall Washington DC
Alumni Making an Impact

Science, Data & the Pandemic

Marni Hall '97, VP of clinical evidence at IQVIA and an authority on real-world evidence, is helping the nation--and the world--respond to COVID-19. At WPI, she completed two majors: one in chemistry and one in science, technology, and policy studies. 


The excavator robot (foreground) prepares to place a lunar sample in the hauler robot to transport to the processing plant (orange).  alt
The excavator robot (foreground) prepares to place a lunar sample in the hauler robot to transport to the processing plant (orange).
January 15, 2021
Musical instruments stand ready for the WPI orchestra and concert band alt
Musical instruments stand ready for the WPI Orchestra and Concert Band
December 21, 2020


October 07, 2020
Research, School of Arts & Sciences, WPI Today, Biology & Biotechnology
October 01, 2020
School of Arts & Sciences
September 24, 2020
Community, Diversity & Inclusion, School of Arts & Sciences, Division of Talent & Inclusion
August 11, 2020
School of Arts & Sciences, Social Science & Policy Studies
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Neuroscience Initiative

WPI is launching a multidisciplinary initiative to develop a robust, externally funded research program in neuroscience that complements and intersects areas such as systems biology, cognitive neuroscience, neuroimmunology, connectomics, imaging, bioinformatics, and computational biology. 

global health highlight

Global Public Health Minor

The minor in Global Public Health will use an interdisciplinary approach to explore the major underlying biological determinants of health as well as aspects of social, political, environmental, and economic influences. The program offers a flexible set of requirements to allow students to design a minor appropriate for their particular educational and professional objectives.

WPI Engineers Without Borders

Social Justice STEMS from You

From climate change research to closing the socio-economic divide between populations and communities, an increasing number of WPI's students, faculty, and staff are coming together tin their passion to create a more just world through innovative, life-changing STEM solutions.