Current Teams


Gompei’s Goat Cheese

To support WPI global scholarships, learn entrepreneurial skills, and interact with the WPI and Worcester community by selling award-winning goat cheese so that we can be a part of something meaningful that impacts our community. GGC has 18 members led by Brianna Ankstitus (CEO), MC Shea (CIO), Audrey Johnson (COO), Nini Acquista (CMO), Ava Mattimore (CSO), and Dani Ruberti (CAO). The company partners with Westfield Farm in Hubbardston, MA, offering ten flavors of goat cheese.


True Robotics

TRUE Robotics was founded in August of 2021 by Anthony Galgano and Kwasi Acheampong. Anthony is graduating from WPI in May of 2022 with bachelor’s degrees in Robotics Engineering and Electrical & Computer Engineering. Kwasi works full time as the president of Our Bright Future Inc., a non-profit organization located in central MA, which he also founded. The goal of TRUE Robotics is to create a robotics kit, curriculum, and training service for students in grades six, seven, and eight. TRUE Robotics has completed the NSF I-Corps program to develop an initial value proposition and direction for the company. After completing the I-Corps program, TRUE Robotics began working on completing an MVP. Since then, four additional WPI students have joined the team: Emma Bailey (BS BME ‘22, MS MM ‘22), Anthony Arace (BS/MS ME ’22), Zachary Stone (BS ME ’22), and Andrew Shanaj (BS CS ’22). TRUE Robotics hopes to complete an MVP by June of 2022.

Also, TRUE Robotics is a registered subchapter S Corporation in MA, and Anthony Arace, Zachary Stone, and Andrew Shanaj are paid, employees.



Vijient simplifies the legal collection of social media and public data for jury consultants, lawyers, and the legal industry. The company uses highly-trained researchers who deliver accurate information, combined with artificial intelligence, which provides speed, to quickly bring you accurate social media reports on the individuals involved in your case/trial. So it does not matter whether you need to search for 40, 200, or a single background check. Founded in 2015 by Dr. Rosanna Garcia (CEO) and Paul Rummel (CTO), they wanted to create an inclusive workplace, an environment for learning, empowering women, minorities, and individuals of any age to explore opportunities in entrepreneurship and STEM. Today, Vijilent creates cutting-edge technologies to scour social media and public records, finding actionable data on specific individuals to give competitive insights to the legal and insurance industries.



SproutChange, is a company that influences a grassroots advocacy movement in consumer education around alternative medicine, organic agriculture, sustainability, and social/food justice. SproutChange is a startup underwritten by UMass Memorial HealthAlliance-Clinton Hospital to work on northern Central Massachusetts to improve people’s health outcomes. The company was founded by Priscila Espinosa, a social entrepreneur, activist, and inventor. SproutChange wants to empower everyday people to become autonomous with their overall health.