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BS/MS Information Session

Regardless of your major odds are when you graduate you will end up working for a business. Think how much more valuable you will be to that business if you understand not just your own technical specialty but also the business side of the equation? Gain a huge advantage over both the pure tech and pure business folks by doing a Dual BS in Anything MS in Management!

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BS/MS Information Session (PDF) 

Job Hunting in the New World

In our new Zoom-based environment, landing and launching a career involves new strategies to make a strong initial impression and ultimately hit the ground running. For all students: freshmen through PhD, domestic and international, seeking full-time jobs or internships.

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Job Hunting in the Real World (PPTX)
Introduction to Information Resources 

Our new socially distanced reality means access to WPI’s plethora of information resources has evolved. This webinar includes representatives from WPI's Career Development Center, Gordon Library, Bloomberg, and our Executive in Residence. Learn how to take full advantage of these key resources, including how to navigate our virtual career fair.

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Career Development Resources (PDF)
Gordon Library Resources (PDF)
Bloomberg Resources (PDF)
Data Harmonization Resources (PDF)

Case Analysis Workshop

If you are a new graduate student, or a veteran student who needs a refresher, you should view this workshop. It will sharpen your skills to think cross-functionally, critically, and creatively, and will improve your ability to conduct high-quality case analysis. The ability to analyze cases is a critical skill for FBS students as the case method is our primary teaching/learning pedagogy and will pay immediate dividends in both your academic and professional lives.

Case Analysis Workshop Zoom
FBS Case Analysis Workshop (PDF) 

Competing with Giants on Google
Learn the fundamentals of SEO and how SEO has evolved over the years. Smaller teams can use to make the most out of their SEO efforts and outrank larger sites by focusing on how to choose topics/keywords to go after, how to give content a head start at ranking, and how to demonstrate how effective your efforts are and prioritize going forward. 
Tyler is the founder of Centori, an SEO platform that simplifies and guides marketers to better performance and better content. Centori is based in downtown Worcester at the WorcLab.
He has previously worked as an SEO consultant and as a product manager at HubSpot. In 2019 he participated in WPI’s Tech  Advisor’s Network and recently won the Venture Forum 5-minute pitch contest. Tyler will answer questions at the end but feel free to type any questions in the chat.