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Introduction to Information Resources 

Our new socially distanced reality means access to WPI’s plethora of information resources has evolved. This webinar includes representatives from WPI's Career Development Center, Gordon Library, Bloomberg, and our Executive in Residence. Learn how to take full advantage of these key resources, including how to navigate our virtual career fair.

Zoom Video
Career Development Resources (PDF)
Gordon Library Resources (PDF)
Bloomberg Resources (PDF)
Data Harmonization Resources (PDF)

Case Analysis Workshop

If you are a new graduate student, or a veteran student who needs a refresher, you should view this workshop. It will sharpen your skills to think cross-functionally, critically, and creatively, and will improve your ability to conduct high-quality case analysis. The ability to analyze cases is a critical skill for FBS students as the case method is our primary teaching/learning pedagogy and will pay immediate dividends in both your academic and professional lives.

Case Analysis Workshop Zoom
FBS Case Analysis Workshop (PDF)