Nikolaos A. Gatsonis


Director, Aerospace Engineering Program

Aerospace Engineering

Office: Higgins Labs 244

Phone: 508-831-5576

Nikolaos A. Gatsonis received an undergraduate degree in Physics at the Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki, Greece (1983), an M.S. in Atmospheric Science at the University of Michigan (1996), an M.S. (1987) and a Ph.D. ... View Profile

John J. Blandino

Associate Professor

Mechanical Engineering

Office: Higgins Labs 239

Phone: 508-831-6155

Prior to joining the faculty at WPI in 2001, I was a Senior Staff Engineer in the Advanced Propulsion Technology Group at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). My research at JPL included application of plasma sources for materials processing and the development of pulsed plasma and small-scale hydrazine thrusters. ... View Profile
Autonomous vehicles – aircraft, cars, rovers, over- and underwater vehicles that can move in the real world by themselves without human pilotage – have gained immense importance not only due to the broad spectrum of their potential military and civilian applications, but also due to the concurrent development of sensor technology and embedded systems that enable the realization of true autonomy. ... View Profile

Michael A. Demetriou


Graduate Coordinator, Aerospace Engineering Program

Mechanical Engineering

Office: Higgins Labs 243

Phone: 508-831-5459

Professor Demetriou is very active with the Controls and Systems research community. He served as an Associate Editor in the IEEE Tr. on Automatic Control (2004-2007), in the ASME Journal of Dynamic Systems, Measurement, and Control (2009-2011), and in SIAM J. Control and Optimization (2009-present). He is also serving in the IEEE-Control Systems Society Conference Editorial Board as an Associate Editor (1997-present). In 2003 he established the IEEE-CSS Technical Committee on Distributed Parameter Systems and served as his first chair (2003-2012). ... View Profile
Donna M. Hughes

Donna Hughes

Administrative Assistant V

Mechanical Engineering

Nikhil Karanjgaokar

Assistant Professor

Mechanical Engineering

Office: Higgins Laboratories, 242

Phone: 508-831-6757

Prior to joining the faculty at WPI in August 2015, I worked as a post-doctoral research associate at Graduate Aerospace Laboratories at California Institute of Technology. My research at Caltech focused on the development of a Granular Element Method (GEM) based force visualization technique for the study of 2D granular systems under impact loading. I examined of the role of granular fabric on the wave motion and formation of force chains in granular media. ... View Profile

Anthony B. Linn

Asst. Teaching Professor

Mechanical Engineering

Professor Linn has interests in light aircraft propulsion, gas turbines for light aircraft and aircraft certification. He has conducted research in the areas of unsteady aerodynamics, turbulence formation and aircraft certification. His teaching interests include turbomachinery, aircraft dynamics and control and fluids. Professor Linn held a research engineer appointment at Worcester Polytechnic Institute where he conducted research for FAA production certification of the NASA Personal Air Vehicle. ... View Profile

David J. Olinger

Associate Professor

Mechanical Engineering

Office: Higgins Labs 242

Phone: 508-831-5698, 508-831-5236

In my teaching I bring fluid and aerodynamics experiments, including wind tunnels, into the classroom each day. Fundamental concepts are demonstrated in these experiments, and collected data is immediately compared to the theory and equations learned during lecture. Students see that they can use what they are learning in class to predict the behavior of aerospace systems. They then go on to design improved systems in MQP projects and during their careers. ... View Profile

Mark W. Richman

Associate Professor

Chair, Graduate Communication

Mechanical Engineering

Office: Higgins Labs 245

Phone: 508-831-5556, 508-831-5236