Leonard D. Albano

Associate Professor

Civil & Environmental Engineering 

Office: Kaven Hall 201

Phone: 508-831-5492

I enjoy teaching civil engineering fundamentals in 1000 and 2000-level courses, and then revisiting those fundamentals in upper level and graduate courses as a base for presenting advanced topics and fostering deeper learning. This emphasis on fundamentals can be challenging to undergraduates because they may not appreciate the relevance. Consequently, I integrate design projects into my undergraduate coursework to provide a context for learning and to emphasize my expectations for learning and actively applying the course material. ... View Profile

Nicholas A. Dembsey


Fire Protection Engineering

Office: Gateway Park II 1212

Phone: 508-831-5971

In today’s cost-conscious world, ensuring greater life safety and property protection has never been more challenging. To this end, my research focuses on the building performance applications of fire dynamics, fire characteristics of materials, and fire models. I am working with students in the following areas: fire safety of green buildings; develop of new techniques and guidance documents for practicing engineers to measure fire properties of materials; and in the optimization of building assemblies for fire performance, ease of manufacturing and cost effectiveness.  View Profile

Kenneth M. Elovitz

Adjunct Teaching Professor

Civil & Environmental Engineering 

Office: Kaven Hall

My courses are application courses presented by a practitioner to train future practitioners.  My teaching style challenges students not only to understand the HVAC design concepts presented but to understand how HVAC design relates to and applies fundamentals learned in other courses.  When calculating heating and cooling loads, students use their knowledge of building materials and how buildings are put together to understand heat transfer through the building skin.  When sizing fans and pumps, students see how principles such as Bernoulli's equation and the conversion of velocity to pressur ... View Profile

Ali Fallahi

Assistant Teaching Professor

Civil & Environmental Engineering 

Office: Kaven Hall - 209 B

I am a Building Engineer with experience in the areas of building envelope assessment, energy conservation technologies, and mechanical system analysis. As an assistant professor at WPI, I teach “Building Physics” and “Building Energy Simulation” courses. These courses mainly focus on the analysis and control of the physical phenomena affecting the performance of building materials, enclosure and building mechanical systems. ... View Profile

Brian Jay Meacham

Associate Professor

Fire Protection Engineering

Office: Gateway Park II 1213

Phone: 508-831-6778

Worldwide, there are increasing efforts to better understand the performance of buildings and infrastructure under a wide range of events, from accidental to deliberate, fire to natural hazards, climate change to terrorism. There is also an increasing focus on understanding the perceptions and responses of people to these events. This knowledge can then be employed in developing technology and policy solutions that better meet societal expectations for building and infrastructure safety and performance, resulting in a better allocation of resources focused on critical needs. ... View Profile

Kathy Ann Notarianni

Associate Professor

Fire Protection Engineering

Office: Gateway Park II 1205

Phone: 508-831-6786

Today, firefighters serve increasingly as first responders for emergency medical calls, civil emergencies, terrorist threats, and hazardous materials incidents, in addition to fire emergencies. The fire service needs tools and technologies that aid in carrying out their ever expanding mission without increasing costs. My research is focused on working with the fire service to achieve this important goal. I am conducting research on fire department mobilization times and exposure of fire fighters to toxic gases. ... View Profile

Roberto Pietroforte

Civil & Environmental Engineering 

Phone: 508-831-5295

Milosh T. Puchovsky

Professor of Practice

Fire Protection Engineering

Office: Gateway Park II 1209

Phone: 508-831-5113

Fire protection engineers must be prepared to assess a broad range of fire and life safety risks, and, in response, develop workable solutions to these concerns.  Based on my work experience with the National Fire Protection Association, consulting engineering firms and the insurance industry, I bring “real-world” perspectives to our students’ educational process so they will be better prepared to make the decisions that will be required of them.  My lectures, projects and assignments reflect situations that practicing fire protection engineers face, and expand a student’s knowledge of the phy ... View Profile

Steven Van Dessel

Associate Professor

Director of the Architectural Engineering Program

Civil & Environmental Engineering 

Office: Kaven Hall 117A

Phone: 508-831-4895

My research and teaching activities are in the area of sustainable building design and building technology, with a special focus on the study of adaptive building envelop systems. One of the goals of our research is to develop smart materials that can alter their thermal properties in response to changing outdoor conditions, in order to conserve energy and optimize building thermal comfort. This research entails the use of energy modeling tools, experimental investigations, and the development of practical applications. ... View Profile