Wayne Edward Bates

Adjunct Instructor/Lecturer

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Office: Kaven Hall

Principal Engineer at Tighe & Bond. He specializes in water and wastewater treatment technologies with a focus on industrial wastewater treatment, process improvement, waste minimization, EH&S compliance, and sustainable manufacturing strategies. Dr. Bates is an adjunct professor teaching graduate courses in Industrial Waste (CE 563), Hazardous Waste Treatment (CE 567), Biosystems in Environmental Engineering (CE 562) and specialty courses (CE 590) in Green Engineering, Sustainable Infrastructure, and Emerging Trends in Corporate Sustainability. ... View Profile
I have been teaching CE501 - Professional Practice annually during the Spring semester since 2012. The objectives of this course are to provide students with learning exposure to non-technical issues and matters pertaining to performing as a practicing professional engineer as well as exposure to forming, leading and managing a privately-owned professional engineering firm. Although this is a Civil and Environmental Engineering Department course, much of the course content is applicable to practicing engineers in other disciplines (e.g., mechanical and electrical). ... View Profile
Architect and planner, and with almost 20 years of experience working and managing design and construction projects, Luciana Burdi, Deputy Director for Capital Programs and Environmental Affairs for Massport, has been an Adjunct Assistant Professor at WPI for the past 5 years. In her role Dr. Burdi uses Mediation and Consensus-building techniques as an integral part of her professional practice. Her ability to lead stakeholders in conflict over development proposals to a meaningful consensus makes her a skilled as negotiator and mediator. ... View Profile

Mahadevan Padmanabhan

Adjunct Instructor/Lecturer

Mechanical Engineering

As an adjunct professor, Mahadevan Padmanabhan enjoys teaching and sharing with students several examples of practical applications of fluid mechanics and thermo-fluids based on his vast experience in Power Industry. He has been with the Alden Research Laboratory (Alden) in Holden, MA for the past 39 years, solving flow-related problems for the power, water, and wastewater industries through physical and computer modeling. Alden used to be part of WPI until 1986. ... View Profile
Teaching is a passion of mine because much of the power industry is based on experiential data that you can't find in textbooks. Our industries thrive when the collected experience of a workforce is passed down from one generation to the next and that is what I strive to teach in my classes. I have worked for over a decade in the power industry and have been very fortunate to experience a wide variety of work. My hope is that some of my knowledge and experience will help a young engineer build their professional credentials to help them excel at their chosen field. View Profile