Major Qualifying Project

At WPI, where theory and practice are balanced, Industrial Engineering (IE) students have helped solve problems confronted by companies through their Major Qualifying Projects (MQP), giving them real- world experience.  For organizations that are interested in sponsoring projects, please check out our one-page project information flyer.  For students that want to know how to conduct an IE MQP and associated requirements, please refer to our IE MQP syllabus

Over the years, our project sponsors have converged into three categories – financial services, supply chain, operations and manufacturing, and healthcare and hospitals. These industries also represent the major employers for WPI’s IE majors. See the sample of MQP projects with industry sponsors:

Location: Washburn Shops
Phone: 508-831-6117

Financial Services

  • Back-test Modeling and Analysis of Dynamic FX Indices — Sponsored by Royal Bank of Scotland
  • Cost Allocation Analysis for Deutsche Bank — Sponsored by Deutsche Bank
  • Generating Capacity through Identification of Task Drivers in Morgan Stanley International Prime Brokerage — Sponsored by Morgan Stanley - International Prime Brokerage

Supply Chain, Operations, Manufacturing

  • Feasibility Study of Car-Sharing Service in Hangzhou, China — Sponsored by Delta Consulting Associates and Hangzhou Omnipay Co. Ltd.
  • Supply Chain Benchmarking — Sponsored by Nypro
  • Material Handling Guidelines to Support Lean Cells in the Bose Production System — Sponsored by Bose

Healthcare and Hospitals

  • Evaluation of the Split-Flow Concept Using Discrete-Event Simulation at St. Vincent Hospital —Sponsored by Saint Vincent Hospital
  • VA Linen Distribution Optimization — Sponsored by New England Veterans Engineering Resource Center
  • Provider Scheduling at the Worcester VA Community Based Outpatient Clinic — Sponsored by Department of Veterans Affairs, Worcester VA CBOC