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The ongoing objective of the Interdisciplinary & Global Studies Division is to create societies that are socially inclusive, culturally vibrant, economically prosperous, and ecologically sound. Research and teaching are closely aligned as faculty and research staff collaborate with students and local partners from government, academia, and business to explore diverse topics with local and global impacts.

Interdisciplinary & Global Studies Division faculty work to push the limits of what is possible through:

  • Interdisciplinary approach - Our research staff and faculty combine training and experience in geography, economic development, urban policy and planning, environmental philosophy and policy, water, energy, and more.
  • Theory and practice - IGSD faculty research extends from the highly theoretical to the immediately applicable. It is at this intersection we seek to make important contributions to sustainability research and the communities in which we work.
  • Educational research - In addition to sustainability-related research, the IGSD maintains an action-oriented research program focused on experiential, project-based, cross-cultural undergraduate education initiatives—including WPI’s Interactive Qualifying Project and Global Projects Program.