At WPI, we know that the best way for students to understand and appreciate societal issues is to experience them firsthand. Through our Global Projects Program, WPI science, engineering, and business students travel to more than 40 off-campus locations across six continents. Immersed in new cultures, they tackle unstructured problems in ways that are meaningful to local sponsors in real communities. Our diverse project centers—strategically positioned in locations ranging from large international cities to small mountainside villages—are host to interdisciplinary and major capstone projects, and humanities and arts projects.  As well, students can participate in language immersion and exchange programs.

About the Global Projects Program


project centers on six continents


countries with WPI project centers 


Most Popular Study Abroad Program

The Princeton Review (2016)

of students complete at least one project off campus


Not Your Usual Study Abroad Program

Our Global Projects Program is not an ordinary study abroad program—like everything else at WPI it’s distinctive. From projects focused on renewable energy to clean water to economic development, WPI students make a difference to communities and organizations around the globe through a completely immersive, extended project experience. This global immersion experience is a key element of the WPI Plan and is often the component of the project work that students’ reflect on as “life changing.”

Where in the World Are Our Students?

At sites as close as our home city of Worcester and at over 40 other locations in 25 countries, opportunities are available to complete any of the projects required for graduation: Humanities & Arts (HUA), Interactive Qualifying Project (IQP), and Major Qualifying Project (MQP). The selection process is competitive and project work is preceded by rigorous preparation. Visit our Global Map to learn more about any location.


Project Immersion

For most students, the Interactive Qualifying Project (IQP) is more than a year in the making. Starting at the fall Global Fair and continuing through sophomore year with project center-specific orientations and required courses, it's all part of WPI's commitment to preparing our students for the adventure ahead. See how 24 students recently prepared for their IQP journey in Tirana, Albania.

Preparations for Travel Abroad

To ensure safety abroad, we provide travel planning programs and resources, pre-departure orientations, instructional handbooks for each location, and more.   

Return from Travel Abroad

Thanks to a student organization called Global Ambassadors (GAs), returning home from studying abroad does not have to mean the end of the international experience for students. GAs help students "unpack" their off-campus experiences and reinforce the added value of off-campus programs to the students’ academic and professional lives.