Students and faculty in the Materials Process Engineering (MPE) program engage in innovative research to meet the demands of today’s unique challenges. The strength of this program lies in its interdisciplinary approach and its strong industrial interaction, both supported by the diverse backgrounds, expertise, and research interests of the faculty.

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Research topics in the Materials Process Engineering program include lean manufacturing, electrospinning of polymers, cost analysis of fuel cells, computer-aided fixture design, surface metrology, and market analysis, among many others. No matter what aspect of materials process engineering interests you, you will be encouraged to collaborate and interact with faculty and students who share your interests.

Additional Labs and Facilities

In WPI's collaborative environment, materials process engineering students may use additional facilities and laboratories for their research.

Metal Processing Institute

The Metal Processing Institute is a research facility supported by over 90 corporate partners, as well as funding from private foundations and the federal government. During the last decade, MPI has developed into one of the nation's premiere research centers dedicated to metal processing.

Research and process work address the fundamental issues of the industry through the three centers of MPI: