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The MTC is staffed by our TAs (PhD Students), PLAs (Undergraduate Students), and GLAs (Master's Students) who assist WPI students from many different classes with homework/concepts/general questions in areas such as calculus, differential equations, linear algebra, and many others.

If you need any additional information please contact Rhonda Podell, MTC Director at


Schedule of Tutors by Course

Our tutors can assist in the courses below as well as other additional math courses.    Math Department PhD Students

MA 1021 Calculus I                                                                         MA 2051 Ordinary Differential Equations

MA 1022 Calculus II                                                                        MA 2611 Applied Stats I

MA 1023 Calculus III                                                                       MA 2612 Applied Stats II 

MA 1024 Calculus IV                                                                       Other Courses

MA 2071 Matrices and Linear Algebra I     

Math tutoring center
Math tutoring center
MTC students writing equations on whiteboard
MTC student typing on laptop
math tutoring center b-term schedule of tutors