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Derek Drumm

I enjoy all of mathematics, but I have a particular interest in Design Theory, Graph Theory, and General Topology. For my masters thesis, I developed a method of construction for the National Football League (NFL) game schedule, and I have independently studied connected and disconnected topological spaces.

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Shuaichuan Feng
Mathematical Science

Shuaichuan earned his master degree in Financial Mathematics at WPI and now he is a PhD student in Statistics. He is interested in statistical genetics.

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Jiamin Jian

This is Jiamin Jian, a Ph.D. student in Mathematical sciences. I got my Master's degree from the City University of Hong Kong in 2019 and my Bachelor's degree from Nankai University in 2018. At WPI, my advisor is Prof. Qingshuo Song. I am interested in Stochastic Control theory and Mean Field Games.

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Peiyao Lai

I am a first year Ph.D. student in Mathematical Sciences. I obtained my Bachelor's degree in Mathematics and Master's degree in Probability and Mathematical Statistics from Jilin University, China. My research focus is in the field of Stochastic Control. At WPI, I am working with Professor Gu Wang on Financial Mathematics.My other interests include dancing and running.

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Abigail Lindner

I am a first-year mathematics Ph.D. student with an interest in theoretical ecology, and particularly in population and community ecology. Outside of schoolwork and research, I enjoy practicing yoga, reading a variety of fiction (not horrors, though!), trying new vegan recipes, and exploring my community.

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Yang Liu

I am a first year PhD student and my potential research interest is spatial-temporal statistics. I was born in China and I received my Master's in Mathematics from the University of Montana in May, 2015. Prior to joining WPI, I worked at MIT as a research technician. Out of work, I enjoy hiking with my dogs. AWARDS: Distinguished Graduate Student Teaching Award Diversity Student Achievement Award Graduate Student Travel Awards ($400, $750, $250)

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Ashley Lockwood

I am currently a fourth year Statistics PhD Candidate at WPI and working as a Research Assistant for the United States Department of Agriculture National Agricultural Statistics Service (USDA NASS). My research involves Bayesian methods for combining data from multiple sources, how to handle non-probability data ("big data"), and small area estimation. I received my MS in Applied Statistics from WPI in 2020. I graduated Magna Cum Laude from Assumption University in May 2018 where I double majored in Mathematics and Economics and minored in Computer Science. During my time at Assumption, I ...

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Guillermo Nunez Ponasso

I was born in the sunny island of Mallorca, Spain. I left the little paradise to study mathematics in Madrid where I did both my bachelor's and my first masters. Then I spent some time in Finland doing research, and afterwards I enjoyed two delightful years in the ALGANT program, which took me to Italy and the Netherlands. My main interest in mathematics is algebra, combinatorics and their applications. My non-mathematical interests include cinema (I directed some 16mm short films long ago), guitar and running.

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Liang Wang

Liang Wang received the B.S. degree (2011) in Statistics and M.S. degree (2013) in Computational Mathematical from the School of Mathematical Science, Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China. He is currently a PHD candidate in Mathematical Science department at WPI, MA, USA.

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Yanzhao Wang

Statistics is about the exploration of the stories behind the data. My research interest focuses on sequential change point detection in uni-/ multivariate time series as well as Bayesian multivariate time series modeling with Integrated Nested Laplace Approximation. I am also interested in Bayesian adaptive design for clinical trials and plan to incorporate time-to-event analysis into the dose optimization study.

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Evan Witz

Evan is a PhD student at WPI, studying Mathematics. Evan did his undergraduate work at Wisconsin Lutheran College in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, which is his hometown. He came to WPI after doing an REU in Financial Mathematics at WPI in 2014. The experience was so rewarding that he came back to do his PhD! He really enjoys the teaching aspect of graduate work and hopes to become a professor after finishing his PhD. In his free time Evan enjoys playing guitar, singing, and Game of Thrones.

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Zhiqing Xu

I am a Phd student whose research interest focus on Bayesian Statistics, probability / non probability sampling, Polya Tree modeling supervised by Dr. Balgobin Nandram. I obtained my Master’s degree in Applied Statistics from WPI at 2014, then worked as a biostatistician for 2 years. The experience at WPI is so unforgettable that I came back at 2016 for a doctorate.

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Zihang Xu

I am Zihang Xu, the second year PhD student in statistics. My research interest will be Bayesian Statistics. I graduated from Jilin University in China and got my master in George Washington University. My major was statistics. 

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Jiaxuan Ye

This is Jiaxuan Ye, a new PhD student in Math department . My future research interests include Financial Mathematics and Simulation. I am happy to discuss problems related to those questions with anyone who shares the same interest!

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Pooya Yousefi

My research focuses on mathematics of fracture in materials. This includes studying well-posedness of sharp interface models of fracture and consistency of phase-field models through Gamma-convergence. Currently, my advisor, Chris Larsen, and I are studying existence of solution and balance of energy for quasi-static fracture with boundary loads.

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