How To Install Maple CalcP7 Package (Windows)

The directions below will show you how to install the Maple CalcP7 package in Windows. The directions assume you have already installed Maple on your Microsoft Windows machine and that it is not a member of either the "Admin" or "Student" domains at WPI. You will need to have an administrative account for the PC you are working on.

  1. Download the file (ZIP) to your Desktop.
  2. Unzip You should then have a folder named "CalcP7"
  3. Copy the CalcP7 folder to the root of your "c" drive (i.e. after you are done it will reside at c:\)
  4. Open the CalcP7 folder and copy the "maple.ini" file to "c:\Program Files\Maple2017\lib"
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When you open Classic Worksheet Maple you should be able to verify that the package is installed correctly by typing "with(CalcP7);" and hitting return. If you see a list of functions beginning with [ArcInt, Curvature,....] you are all set. Remember that CalcP7 only functions in "Classic Worksheet Maple."