Levi L. Conant Lecture Series

This lecture series is named after Levi L. Conant, former head of the Mathematics Department and WPI President.  Known for numerous published works and his contributions to the American Mathematics Society, AMS created an award in his honor to recognize his achievements. 



Levi L. Conant Lectures

Award Year Award Recipient Date of Talk Title of Talk (click to play video)
2023 Joshua Greene Mar. 24, 2023 "Heegaard Floer homology"
2022 Andrej Bauer Feb. 10, 2023 "Exploring Strange New Worlds of Mathematics"
2021 Dan Margalit Mar. 18, 2022 "Juggling numbers and geometry"
2020 Amie Wilkinson Oct. 29, 2021 "Dynamical Symmetry"
2019 Alex Wright Nov. 12, 2021 "Random surfaces and random graphs"
2018 Henry L. Cohn Nov. 2, 2018 "A conceptual breakthrough in sphere packing"
2017 David Bailey Sept. 15, 2017 "Computation and analysis of arbitrary digits of Pi and other mathematical constants"
2016 Daniel Rothman Sept. 23, 2016 “Earth’s Carbon Cycle: A Mathematical Perspective”
2015 Jeffrey Lagarias Dec. 4, 2015 "Packing space with regular tetrahedra"
2014 Alex Kontorovich Mar. 20, 2015 "On spheres and bowls of integers"
2013 John Huerta Apr. 18, 2014 "Symmetry in mathematics and physics"
2011 David Vogan Jr. Sept. 15, 2011 "The character table of E8(ℝ)"
2010 Bryna Kra Nov. 4, 2010 "Patterns in the primes"
2009 John W.  Morgan Mar. 26, 2010 "Solution of the Poincaré Conjecture"
2009 Avi Wigderson Sept. 24, 2009 "Expander Graphs: -A playground for algebra, geometry, combinatorics, and computer science"
2008 J. Brian Conroy Mar. 30, 2009 "The Riemann Hypotheses - A million dollary Mystery"
2007 Jeffrey Weeks Mar. 24, 2008 "The Shape of Space"