Get a Head Start-that Lasts- with Army ROTC

Graduates of Army ROTC enjoy two distinct advantages in the career arena. First, they enter the working world with solid leadership skills and great confidence. Second, they can move right into a guaranteed job with the Army.

As they move through their careers, they have many options available; Army personnel work in virtually the same professions as civilians, as well as additional military-specific occupations.

Active Duty Officer Personnel by Occupation

Occupation Number of Personnel
Combat Specialty occupations 19,029
Engineering, science, and technical occupations 21,573
Executive, administrative, and managerial occupations 12,422
Health care occupations 11,092
Human resource development occupations 2,890
Media and public affairs occupations 340
Protective service occupations 3,074
Support service occupations 1,866
Transportation occupations 13,535
Non-occupation or unspecified coded personnel 12,168
Total 97,989

Source: U.S. Department of Defense, Defense Manpower Data Center; data as of August 2011.