Major Qualifying Project

The Major Qualifying Project is a high-level research project within the student’s major that must be completed in the senior year prior to graduation.  

Psychological Science majors work with a faculty mentor to develop their research question and project. Some MQPs are completed on campus in research labs, and others involve testing participants in the real world (e.g., at middle schools or assisted living facilities). At the project’s completion, students present their research and findings with a report and a poster at Project Presentation Day in April.

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Recent MQPs in psychological science include:

  • The Effects of Body Language and Affiliative Motivation on Social Tuning and Likeability
  • The Effects of Perspective Taking and Victim Impact Statements on Courtroom Decisions
  • Primed to Adjust: An Investigation of Chronic Collectivist Social Tuning
  • We Don’t Agree, But We’re Working Together: Examining How Affiliative Motivation and Perspective Taking Effect Social Tuning
  • Are You Feeling It? The Emotional and Academic Impact of Students in Distress