Chrysanthe Demetry

Associate Professor
Director, Morgan Teaching and Learning Center
Co-Director, Camp Reach
Co-Director, Professional Writing Program
Mechanical Engineering


In her role as Director of the Morgan Teaching and Learning Center, Chrysanthe (Chrys) Demetry provides individual consultations with faculty and graduate Teaching Assistants (TAs), organizes the Food for Thought teaching and learning workshop and seminar series, coordinates TA training and aspects of new faculty orientation, manages the new faculty mentoring program, and provides oversight for several internal grants programs that support innovative teaching and curriculum initiatives and professional development in teaching.

Natalie Farny

Associate Director
‚ÄčBiology & Biotechnology

As Associate Director of the Morgan Teaching and Learning Center, Natalie Farny is focused on the training and professional development of course assistants including graduate Teaching Assistants (TAs) and undergraduate Peer Learning Assistants (PLAs). She is working to expand the campus-wide PLA training program and add additional professional development opportunities for our TAs. She also works with faculty to incorporate TAs and PLAs into effective teaching teams, and helps departments and programs develop evaluation plans for their course assistants.