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Promoting Excellence in Teaching and Learning at WPI

Teaching in WPI’s innovative project-based curriculum and within our distinctive calendar is both deeply rewarding and challenging, through all stages of career development. The Morgan Teaching and Learning Center is a faculty-led unit that maintains and strengthens instructional effectiveness and student learning by offering programs, services, and resources in the areas of training, development and funding to new and existing faculty and graduate students, including student teaching assistants. The Center also supports innovation in the curriculum and in teaching practice, and fosters campus-wide dialogue on teaching and student learning.

The Center promotes reflective thought and dialogue on the art, science, and practice of college teaching. Its principal objectives are to:

  • build the teaching knowledge and skills of all instructors in order to promote continual individual growth in teaching effectiveness and enhancement of student learning;
  • support teaching and learning innovations in areas aligned with WPI's goals;
  • continue developing a culture of student learning assessment to guide improvements in teaching practice and curricular change; and
  • recognize teaching achievements.


October 25, 2021
Morgan Teaching & Learning Center
September 01, 2021
ADVANCE Grant, Morgan Teaching & Learning Center
August 04, 2021
Center for Project Based Learning, Morgan Teaching & Learning Center
June 02, 2021
Morgan Teaching & Learning Center
April 20, 2021
Morgan Teaching & Learning Center, Office of the Provost


Preparing the lab for social distancing alt
Students setting up the Chemical Engineering Senior Lab to accommodate social distancing for A-Term. Photo by Steve Kmiotek.
August 06, 2020