Morgan Teaching & Learning Center

Morgan Teaching & Learning Center

Advancing Teaching and the Professional Growth of Faculty at WPI 

Teaching in WPI’s innovative project-based curriculum––and within our distinctive calendar and balance between teaching and research––is deeply rewarding, challenging, and motivating, through all stages of a faculty career. The Morgan Teaching and Learning Center maintains and strengthens instructional effectiveness, student learning, and faculty learning by offering evidence-based training and development programs, services, and resources for faculty, staff educators, and for student teaching assistants. The Center also catalyzes innovation in the curriculum and in teaching practice and brings together campus-wide communities for reflection, dialogue, and action on teaching and student learning.

The Center’s principle objectives are to: 

  • build the teaching knowledge and skills of all instructors in order to promote continual individual growth in teaching effectiveness and enhancement of student learning; 

  • support teaching and learning innovations in areas aligned with WPI's goals; 

  • continue developing a culture of student learning assessment to guide improvements in teaching practice and curricular change; and 

  • recognize teaching achievements. 

The Morgan Center also coordinates campus-wide mentorship and faculty development programming for new faculty and for faculty at the Associate rank. 

Throughout its work, the Center aims to advance WPI’s mission and live its values of community, inclusion, respect, innovation, and achievement. 

The Morgan Family and WPI

The Morgan Teaching and Learning Center is named in honor of the Morgan family’s generous philanthropy. Descendants of Charles Hill Morgan, who supervised the construction of WPI’s Washburn Shops building and also served as a WPI trustee from the university’s founding in 1865 until his death in 1911, made a gift to endow the center. Five generations of Morgans have served on the WPI Board of Trustees, and Paul S. Morgan was appointed to chair the board. The Morgan family has also been one of WPI’s most generous benefactors, establishing the Morgan-Worcester Distinguished Instructorship (for mechanical engineering faculty) and scholarships, and supporting major capital projects, including Morgan Hall residence and the renovation of the Washburn Shops.  


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