The WPI Divisions of Talent & Inclusion and Academic Affairs maintain an institutional membership in the National Center for Faculty Development & Diversity (NCFDD), which is an independent professional development, training, and mentoring community that helps academics make successful transitions throughout their careers.  

What programs and resources are available?

A "core curriculum" of monthly webinars focuses on key skills such as goal setting, academic time management, writing productivity, establishing a network of mentors, and the art of saying no. These webinars are recorded so they can be viewed asynchronously as well as live. Other specialized webinars and courses are announced regularly and available in a library (e.g., Recognizing and Overcoming Imposter Syndrome). A weekly "Monday Motivator" blog offers practical, concise strategies around a wide variety of topics. The NCFDD also forms online communities for writing accountability (e.g., 14-day writing challenges).  

Faculty can also refer their graduate students to the Dissertation Success Program, which is designed for doctoral candidates who are focused on finishing their dissertation. 

Who can access the resources, and how?

Resources and benefits are available to all WPI faculty, staff, postdoctoral scholars, and graduate students at no cost. To join, go to the NCFDD homepage, click “Become a member,” and select WPI from the drop-down menu to register and login.  

How can I enroll in the NCFDD's Faculty Success Program?

The Faculty Success Program is the NCFDD’s signature 12-week online “boot camp” focusing on writing productivity, academic time management, and personal well-being. It is one of the only NCFDD programs that is not free for institutional members, but we do receive a discount and the opportunity to register early. The discounted cost is on the order of $4,000; please check their website for the current figure. Faculty are encouraged to negotiate cost-sharing with their department head. Details about program elements, expectations, outcomes data, and testimonials can be found at the FSP link, along with advice on “making the ask” for funds. Faculty members may contact the Morgan Teaching & Learning Center to discuss whether or not the program is a good fit or to connect with prior participants. The FSP is offered in the fall, spring, and summer semesters.  

For questions about WPI’s NCFDD membership or to reserve a spot in the next offering of the Faculty Success Program, please contact