Self-Evaluation of Teaching

Self Evaluation of Teaching Resources

  • This inventory used at Flinders University in Australia is organized around the Seven Principles of Good Practice in Undergraduate Education (PDF), a synthesis of research on effective teaching and learning.
  • This is a much coarser-grained inventory that fosters reflection on teaching beliefs, intentions, and actions. No evaluative judgments are made. Rather, the instrument helps identify various equally legitimate philosophical viewpoints of good teaching and the extent to which our beliefs, intentions, and actions are consistent. After completing this on-line questionnaire you will receive information about interpreting your teaching perspectives profile. Caveat Emptor: Results from this questionnaire are not compiled unless you provide background information. While confidentiality is assured, some may not be comfortable with this approach.

Teaching Perspectives Inventory

  • Teaching Portfolios or Dossiers

The Step-by-Step Creation of a Teaching Dossier (Dalhousie University)

The Teaching Portfolio: A Handbook for Faculty, Teaching Assistants and Teaching Fellows (PDF) (Hannelore B. Rodriguez-Farrar, Brown University Sheridan Center for Teaching and Learning)

Writing a Philosophy of Teaching Statement (Ohio State University)