Individual Teaching Consultants

We offer confidential individual teaching consultations to anyone who teaches at WPI, including full time and part time faculty, graduate teaching assistants, and undergraduate PLAs and tutors. A consultation typically begins with a meeting to determine your interests and needs and to review your course or project advising approaches. If you wish, we may proceed to one or more classroom observations, with written feedback provided, and/or continue with additional meetings. Other possibilities include videotaping your class, reviewing student ratings, reviewing project advising materials, seeking additional feedback from students in courses or projects, or engaging a student observer. You make the decisions, and we tailor the consultation to your needs and available time. Most importantly, the consultation is completely confidential. Unless you choose to share information or reports with other people, no one else will ever know that the consultation took place, let alone its content or results.

To arrange a teaching consultation, contact Chrys Demetry by email or by phone at (508) 831-5195.