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Other WPI-Sponsored Off-Campus Travel 

Residential off-campus faculty-led programs or student organizations and athletic teams who are traveling internationally must adhere to common, carefully structured risk-management protocols such as those developed and implemented at our off-campus Project Centers. The approval process outlined below should be completed by any faculty or staff members planning to advise students pursuing WPI-sponsored off-campus international travel.

WPI-Sponsored Off-Campus Travel Approval Process

The Global Experience Office (GEO) collaborates with:

  • Faculty leading off-campus residential projects
  • Departmental-Led international research and programs
  • Student organizations traveling internationally
  • Athletic teams traveling internationally

to support travel through the WPI-Sponsored Off-Campus Travel approval process.  All international off-campus travel is subject to an approval process through the GEO that includes routine planning and risk management protocols employed for the Global Projects Program.

Faculty should seek funds in advance in order to support these programs.

Step 1: Complete Online Intake Form

To assist with your program design please consult this Pre Travel Planning Safety and Security Self Assessment

Step 2: Risk Management Review

  • The GEO will review your intake form and follow up about any initial concerns (short timeline for approval, US State Department warning for country proposed, etc). 
  • You will then receive an email outlining next steps in the approval process, which include:

Step 3: Review Meeting

A review meeting will be scheduled with the trip leader, regional team from GEO, Associate Director of Global Risk Management, and any other important contacts who will be part of the program process. In this meeting we will review questions about the required forms, address student recruitment/registration plan and student eligibility, review a proposed budget for the program, and make a final determination for approval. 

Step 4: Approval

An email will be sent to the trip leader shortly after the review meeting to confirm approval. If approved, the program will be integrated into the standard GEO pre-departure processes. Student should be enrolled/registered for the program by the deadlines outlined below. 

Review Process Deadlines

While these deadlines are firm to allow for appropriate pre-departure preparation, we encourage the WPI trip leader to complete these steps as early as possible.

  Programs in E&A Terms  Programs in B Term Programs in C Term Programs in D Term
Step 1: Online Intake Form Due November 1 December 1 April 1 June 1
Step 2: Risk Management Review Forms Due December 1 January 15 May 1 September 1
Step 3: Review Meeting Scheduled By December 15 January 30 May 15 September 15
Step 4: Students Enrolled By February 1 March 1 September 1 November 1

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