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Anne Ogilvie

Anne Ogilvie

Director for Team Learning
Phone: +1 (508) 8315000 x4944
 Projects are the reason I came to WPI. As a longtime experiential educator and true believer in the transformational power of hands-on learning, I was eager to engage with faculty and students as part of WPI’s project-based curriculum. ... View Profile

SWEET Faculty and Staff Fellows

Corey Dehner

Corey Dehner

Associate Teaching Professor-Interdisciplinary
Office: Project Center 210B
Phone: +1 (508) 8315000 x4959
Corey Denenberg Dehner is an Associate Teaching Professor in the Interdisciplinary Global Studies Division. She is Director of the Worcester Community Project Center and founder and Co-Director of the Massachusetts Water Resource Outreach Center. At WPI, Corey serves on the Sustainability Board; is a member of the WPI Project Inclusion Rubric Steering Committee; and Co-Chair of the Project Inclusion Faculty Subcommittee. A public interest lawyer in her previous life, Corey was drawn to academia by its capacity to help facilitate attitudinal changes both on campus and off. ... View Profile
Dawn Farmer

Dawn Fusaro Farmer

Operations Manager
Phone: +1 (508) 8315547
Rodica Neamtu

Rodica Neamtu

Associate Professor of Teaching
Office: Fuller Labs FL129
Phone: +1 (508) 8316802
I am a data mining researcher who investigates how to develop and leverage ground-breaking techniques to explore time series datasets at the confluence of theoretical computer science and application domains like medicine, neuroscience, economics, transportation, and complex decision making. With more than fifteen years of teaching experience in various academic institutions, I am committed to using my love and talent for teaching and research to empower others through education to make a difference in the world   . ... View Profile

Julie Richard

Assistant Director, Global Experience Office

SWEET Alumni Fellows

Name: Anna Carriero

Major: Mechanical Engineer, 2020

Role/Profession: Alumni/Manufacturing Engineer Associate - Sikorsky Lockheed Martin

Professional Interests: Sustainable Engineering

I care about foster equitable and effective teamwork at WPI because: Teamwork and interpersonal skills are some of the most important things to take with you after WPI, both in your professional and personal life. When students understand the reasons behind the conflicts and frustration within their teams, they can better solve their problems and find confidence in teamwork.

SWEET Student Fellows

Name: Kate Amrein

Major: Chemical Engineering

Minor: Biology 

Hometown: Nashua, NH

Academic Interests: Biochemical engineering and pharmaceutical operations in biotechnology

I care about fostering equitable and effective teamwork at WPI because: I believe that doing so  creates a successful and enjoyable work environment for all the members. Working in a team where you can speak freely about ideas and respect each other allows you to learn and grow as an individual. Having team experience in academics and athletics,  I've seen that fostering  equitable and effect teamwork can transcend the boundaries of a classroom and has learnings that can be applied to everyday life! I'm looking forward to working with teams to create such a work environment!


Name: Emily Baker

Major: Mathematical Sciences

Minor: Economics

Hometown: Methuen, MA

Academic Interests: Statistics, Data Visualization, Theatre, Economics, Decision-Making, Analytics, Education

I care about fostering equitable and effective teamwork at WPI because: I care about fostering equitable and effective teamwork at WPI because everyone brings different interpretations, understanding, and backgrounds to a project and having all of these different viewpoints gives a prime opportunity to design and create a deliverable that is useful. Effective teamwork is so important in our goal as engineers (and critical thinkers) to help improve the world. 


Name: Jackie Cardin

Major: Chemical Engineering, Professional Writing

Hometown: Manchester, MA

Academic Interests: Rhetoric

I care about fostering equitable and effective teamwork at WPI because: Teamwork can be rewarding! I want to help teams maximize their potential and learn skills they'll use for a lifetime.



Name: Marina Como

Major: Chemical Engineering

Hometown: Worcester, MA

Academic Interests: Pharmaceuticals, regulatory affairs, leadership, biotechnology

I care about fostering equitable and effective teamwork at WPI because: I want to help teams have an effective collaboration to better achieve their goals, succeed in their academic work, and support individual growth.



Name: Ali Guthrie

Major: Biomedical Engineering

Hometown: Templeton, MA

Academic Interests: I am interested in cardiac tissue engineering. On campus, I am a Residential Advisor and a Senator on SGA.

I care about fostering equitable and effective teamwork at WPI because: I want to help students develop a positive learning environment. Team dynamics are very important in ensuring a good group experience. Working in teams is something we will all be doing throughout our lives, so fostering a positive teamwork environment will prepare students for many future experiences.


Name: Khadijah Ibrahim

Major: Electrical and Computer Engineering

Hometown: Yonkers, NY

Academic Interests: Electrical Engineering

I care about fostering equitable and effective teamwork at WPI because: It’s important to establish good teams that can produce great projects and experiences. Learning to collaborate effectively can unlock many advancements in this world. 



Name: Deanna Kay

Major: Chemical Engineering

Hometown: Tyngsborough, MA

Academic Interests: Biological applications of chemical engineering

I care about fostering equitable and effective teamwork at WPI because: I want to help other students have the great teamwork experience that I have had during my time at WPI. However, I know not all student groups work well together easily, so I hope to help make teamwork more effortless and fun. I want to help deconstruct biases that can come with working in a team, and help prepare students for team projects at WPI and beyond.


Name: Minh Anh Kieu

Major: Biomedical Engineering

Hometown: Hanoi, Vietnam

Academic Interests: Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering, Biomedical engieering 

I care about fostering equitable and effective teamwork at WPI because: Equitable and effective teamwork makes the learning process really meaningful and worthwhile!



Name: Chenxi Li

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Hometown: Changchun, China

Academic Interests: Mechanical Design 

I care about fostering equitable and effective teamwork at WPI because: WPI is so project intensive that having an equitable and effective teamwork is extremely important. I'm sure most people have had been in a difficult situation working in a team, and I hope to help them get through these obstacles to make their experience better.


 Name: Paul Pacheco

Major: Psychological Science

Hometown: Lowell, MA

Academic Interests: My academic interests are to compete my bachelor of science in psychological science and then enter a masters or Ph.D program that focuses on education reform or learning sciences. My goal is a create a more equitable and inclusive learning environment for PK-12 students. 

I care about fostering equitable and effective teamwork at WPI because: Our main focus as an institution is to innovate the lives and technologies around us however, more times often than not we forget to include ourselves into the question. We strive for greatness as if it were a straight path, but success does not come without bumps and turns along the way. In order to positively impact the world around us, we must look within ourselves to discover how we can be better teammates, scholars, and people. We can only innovate our world by first innovating the way we think.


Name: Pooja Patel

Major: Computer Science

Hometown: Chelmsford, MA

Academic Interests: Human Computer Interaction, Software Development, Statistics, and Urban History

I care about fostering equitable and effective teamwork at WPI because: Diverse perspectives in a group can produce better outcomes and group collaboration can lead to an efficient, productive, and rewarding project.




Name: Mary Rego

Major: Biomedical Engineering

Hometown: Amherst, NH

Academic Interests: Medical Device Devlopment and Associated Fields

I care about fostering equitable and effective teamwork at WPI because: these are skills that will be essential in every walk of life after graduation. Every WPI student has a different path. Whether that be embarking on a journey to the workforce, higher education, pursuing a passion or becoming an entrepreneur, we all have a unique direction. However, we all have one thing in common on this journey. We studied at a university that gave us the skills to work within teams and grow as not only people, but contributors to society. I hope to contribute to WPI's commitment to teaching students the importance of fostering equitable and effective teamwork because we will all use these skills for the rest of our lives, no matter where life takes us.


Name: Noah Shoer

Major: Aerospace Engineering

Hometown: Portsmouth, NH

Academic Interests: Aeronautics, renewable energy

I care about fostering equitable and effective teamwork at WPI because: I have seen both the positive and negative outcomes that result from working in a team environment. My hope is that I can help individuals work together to produce high-quality outcomes, and leave their project with an experience that can help them in their academic and professional careers.



Name: Quillyn Smith

Major: Biomedical Engineering

Hometown: North Kingstown, RI

Academic Interests: Medical devices, biomechanics, prototyping

I care about fostering equitable and effective teamwork at WPI because: being able to work well with teams is critical to success, both in school and in the workforce. I have experienced both good and bad teams and recognize how much more enjoyable the work is when the teammates get along. I hope to help others build their skills so they can get the most out of their project work.



Name: Sam Winslow

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Hometown: Bedford, NH

Academic Interests: Heat Transfer/Thermodynamics, Materials

I care about fostering equitable and effective teamwork at WPI because: Collaboration and teamwork are critical aspects of the WPI experience. The most apparent instances of these that we often consider are IQP and MQP. However, teamwork is just as essential to non-academic settings such as sports teams and in employment. I have been extremely fortunate to have had a handful of very positive experiences working with project groups during my time at WPI that have heavily affected me as a student and a person. I hope to support equitable and effective teamwork at WPI so that every student enjoys equally positive experiences with teams of their own.