As a leader in fire science for more than 30 years, WPI gives fire protection engineers the knowledge, skills, and hands-on experience to help make the world a safer place. The Online MS in Fire Protection Engineering Program is a part-time, flexible program allows you to explore advanced topics in fire protection and safety and customize a program around your professional expertise and your career and lifestyle goals. Students will work with a faculty advisor to develop a customized and relevant plan of study. A thesis is not required for the online degree.

WPI also offers an online graduate certificate in Fire Protection Engineering. 

This degree is also offered on campus.
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My courses were delivered by the same instructors teaching the same courses on campus. They are all experts in their fields with impressive experience. The professors take a genuine interest in you and it shows in everything they do.
W. Lee Watkins
Fire Protection Engineer
InSynergy Engineering based out of Honolulu, Hawaii
WPI’s online learning allowed easy access to a nationally renowned Master’s level Fire Protection Program, eliminating time-consuming daily commutes. Completing the rigorous program rewarded me with a paramount sense of accomplishment.
Alexandar A. Popov
Project Engineer
Building Materials and Systems, UL LL


Degree requirements: 10 courses, 30 credit hours. You will work with a faculty advisor to develop a customized and relevant plan of study selected from the courses below.


(3 courses required, 9 credit hours)
FP 521. Fire Dynamics
FP 553. Fire Protection Systems
FP 570. Building Fire Safety


(1 course required, 3 credit hours)
FP 571. Performance-Based Design
FP 573. Industrial Fire Protection


(6 courses required, 18 credit hours)
FP 520. Fire Modeling
FP 554. Advanced Fire Suppression
FP 555. Detection, Alarm and Smoke Control
FP 571. Performance-based Design
FP 572. Failure Analysis
FP 573. Industrial Fire Protection
FP 575. Explosion Protection
FP 580. Special Problems in Fire Protection Engineering

With your advisor’s approval, you may take up to 3 elective courses (9 elective credits) from other WPI graduate departments, either on campus or online.

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Applicants to the online master of science in fire protection engineering should have a bachelor of science in engineering, engineering technology, or the physical sciences. Those with degrees in engineering technology or the physical sciences may be required to take selected undergraduate courses to round out their backgrounds.

Applicants should have already taken courses in heat transfer, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, and calculus through differential equations.

Building Fire Safety Systems

Want to learn more about the fire protection engineering field? Read  “Avoiding Costly Losses Due to Fire: Who’s Engineering the Solutions? What are their Qualifications?” by WPI’s Milosh Puchovsky, PE, FSFPE. Download the whitepaper.

After Graduation

Fire protection engineering graduates are in high-demand and find career opportunities across a range of industries and organizations, including fire protection equipment manufacturers, government, insurance, research laboratories, professional societies, fire departments, municipalities, and more. 

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