Tuition & Financial Aid: Online Graduate Programs

Investing in your future in order to create future opportunities for yourself is wonderful, and WPI wants to make sure you have the financial resources necessary in order to do so.

Student Financial Responsibility

Tuition is charged to your student account when you enroll in each course. Tuition payment is due by the start of that respective course. Late fees may apply for overdue tuition. View the current tuition rates.

View the Add/Drop Policy for course changes and withdrawal and refund policies.

Blog: Financial Aid Tips for Graduate School

The benefits of attending graduate school are endless, but it’s understandable that the monetary investment can cause some hesitation. The good news is that there are plenty of financial aid resources available! This blog will give you the guidance you need to begin your search.

Graduate School Financial Aid Options

View a comprehensive list of graduate school financial aid types and resources.


U.S. Military and Veterans

WPI welcomes and supports veterans, and we participate in the Yellow Ribbon Program of the Post 9/11 Veterans' Educational Assistance Act of 2008.

WPI also offers a 10% armed services discount for active military students.


Monthly Payment Plan through WPI

WPI offers a monthly payment plan for graduate students. Please visit the WPI Bursar’s website for further details.


International Payment Information

View instructions on how to process an international payment using Flywire.


Tuition Assistance

All of WPI's tuition assistance for graduate students is campus-based (i.e. research assistant and teaching assistant positions).


Financial Aid

Federal financial aid is available for those who qualify. Learn more about financial aid.


Fellowships and Scholarships

The Gateway Scholarship. Learn more about the Gateway Scholarship

WPI’s Career Development Center is a great resource for information about funding graduate school and outside scholarships that part-time students may qualify for. Learn more about financing graduate school.

Learn more about outside scholarships that part-time students may qualify for.

Veterans, WPI participates in the Yellow Ribbon Program.


Employer Tuition Assistance and Direct Payment

WPI accepts employer tuition assistance and direct payment/vouchers. You must contact your dedicated WPI team member before the start date of the course to make sure that your employer payment can be accepted by WPI. If your employer has education benefits through EdAssist please visit the WPI EdAssist page for further information.

It is your responsibility to submit any and all necessary paperwork (before the start date of the course) from your company that is related to this payment, so that payment is received by WPI. This ensures your student account balance stays in good standing.

It is also your responsibility to be informed and knowledgeable about your employer's tuition reimbursement policy. WPI is unable to answer questions regarding employer tuition reimbursement policies, but can assist with questions regarding the types of direct payment WPI accepts.


What is your student status?

Some payment methods are limited because of student statuses, so it is important to identify which one you are.

  • Less than Half-Time: Less than four credits per semester
  • Half-Time: Four credits per semester
  • Three-Fourths Time: Six credits per semester
  • Full-Time: Eight credits or more per semester 


Have questions about tuition? Need help navigating the financial aid process for online graduate programs? Our dedicated support team is there for you every step of the way.