Computer Accounts & Technological Support

WPI students need to set up two primary accounts: Workday and Canvas. If you are taking your first course, your dedicated WPI Student Support Team member will be in contact with you, and will send you course details in order for you to set up your accounts. 

If you have questions or need further assistance, you can contact our team or the WPI Help Desk.


This portal allows you to access and participate in courses for which you are registered. Through the process of setting up your Canvas account, you will also set up your WPI email account.  You will be able to view your grades in Canvas during your courses; final grades, however, are posted in Workday.

*Supported browsers for Canvas


Pay tuition, view final grades, see unofficial transcripts, view/update your personal information on file with WPI, and register for courses. All online students must check in through Workday in the fall and spring. If you'll be taking your first course, your Workday account may only be activated by you once your registration has been processed (enter your ID and PIN number as issued by the Registrar’s Office.)

Computer & Laptop Capabilities

Students must have access to a computer with compatible software either already installed, or which you have the ability to install, as required on a course by course basis. In addition, it is also expected that you have at your disposal the use of word processing and spreadsheet programs for the completion and/or preparation of assignments, as well as high speed internet access. Some courses require a DVD-ROM drive and permissions to install software. Faculty will notify you of these requirements before the start of the class. All students will also need a microphone input jack on a sound card. Review the technical requirements for each class for more information.

Review our recommended computers and configurations.

Software Available through WPI

Registered students are eligible to login WPI’s online store to shop for and install discounted products such as Microsoft Office, Windows Upgrades, Adobe, and others.

Account Maintenance

You can reset your passwords or unlock your existing accounts through the Account Maintenance Page. If you would like to modify your settings such as email forwarding, please see our Email and Calendaring Page. If you need further assistance, please contact IT Services & Support.

Resurrecting Computer Accounts after Absence

Please note that if you are inactive for a fall and spring semester consecutively, you need to complete a Graduate Request to Return from Leave of Absence Form before you are able to recreate your computer accounts. Once that form has been processed, please follow the instructions for creating your accounts in Workday.

Using MatLab at WPI

Your comfort level with MatLab can have a direct impact on your success in certain courses. Students in Robotics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, or Power Systems Engineering should make certain that they are prepared for this and should plan to purchase a copy of the software, as they may use it in several courses. Once you have created your WPI account, you can begin accessing the MatLab Tutorials.